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The agency regulates the country's telephone, cable and broadcast operations.
Indeed, the entire appeal of the new age of online services is to broadcast personal information.
It was being broadcast on a radio talk show, and everybody on the road was tuned in to the same program.
TV stations have traditionally broadcast over wireless frequencies that carry information longer distances.
Its amazing how much misinformation is being broadcast on this thread.
Broadcast them over a prepared bed or plant them in traditional rows more.
Many admissions offices now use new technologies to broadcast their carefully choreographed messages.
It was the last rebel message, probably conveyed by satellite phone, known to have been broadcast from the battlefield.
Viewers and creative verve are drifting steadily from broadcast to cable networks.
The news broadcast includes a warning that a severe storm is approaching his village.
Second, every broadcast medium is moving to a digital format, and digital means data compression.
Ultimately, the committee decided not to impose the broadcast ban.
The message has to be broadcast over and over, by many sincere people who have given it much thought.
His pictures and video of the penguin were broadcast around the world.
Then he aimed a speaker at a group of moths and broadcast sounds in a wide range of frequencies.
Remember, interviews are not broadcast communication where one size fits all.
So a couple cell phone companies are signing on to an old-fashioned notion: broadcast.
Each group decorated a poster board to serve as the backdrop for its broadcast.
Today's hidden-microphone cameras are wireless, so this machine scans the broadcast spectrum to see whether any are transmitting.
Two-inch, reel-to-reel videotape used to be the broadcast standard for television.
Advertising revenue for the broadcast will top well over a half-billion dollars.
Entire television channels broadcast the wonders of the natural world.
The explosion, broadcast around the world, was the first of a series of setbacks at the reactor complex.
Unlike teams in some other big sports, those in stock-car racing see little of the broadcast revenues.
And demand for ubiquitous access to social networking creates new opportunities for satellite broadcast and communications.
Governments have used them to privatise state companies and to sell mining and broadcast rights.
But his handiwork nevertheless caused a storm when it was broadcast on local television.
The spectacular site of the five biplane aircraft taking off was broadcast live on national television.
Both voices, the caller's and the receiver's, are broadcast into the room.
The popular news-sharing site announced today that it will broadcast a message of protest during next week's hearings.
If you are a broadcast network, your goal is to make as many popular shows as possible and sell ads with them.
Local broadcast-television stations covered the event, mostly to mock it.
It will be interesting to see how they handle the sound issues if they are going to broadcast the episode in the fall.
The roughly three-foot-tall robots can maneuver, recognize speech, and display facial gestures as they broadcast audio.
Television transmitters are quickly giving way to fiber-optic cables and direct-broadcast satellites.
When they applied an electric current with an audio frequency to the sheets, the sheets broadcast the sounds loud and clear.
The system could be designed to respond to a broadcast radio signal that would shut down the solar panels.
What we're seeing here is broadcast footage that has been digitally restored.
From a bug's viewpoint, they're clever evolutionary strategies to broadcast the bug.
They did mention, at the end of the broadcast, that other labs had tried to replicate that result and failed.
They're unavoidably vocal and broadcast, and they unavoidably affect legislation and government.
He was a script writer for a television show that was broadcast from a plane.
Hostility may be the engine of humor, but the broadcast networks dread its snarl.
The result is complex poetry: songs that simultaneously broadcast and hide their meaning.
They promised to expand the half-hour news broadcast to an hour, a first on any network.
Forget newspapers-digital news was about to flatten broadcast too.
In fact, the authorities were barricaded inside their headquarters watching the same broadcast scenes.
What is said will ring true, because the military will broadcast only the truth.
The audience ranks among one of the largest in broadcast television-and it is hellbent on ferreting out the results.
But either he didn't watch the next several minutes of our news broadcast or ignored the remainder of the report.

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