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Example sentences for broadband

Broadband is everywhere and you might use a tablet or a laptop to surf the web.
We will improve the speed at which data travels in space every-so-slightly faster than the previous generation of broadband.
And kids on college campuses have instant access to super-high-speed broadband.
It usually takes less than a minute for someone with a broadband connection to download an hourlong program.
It's time to unleash more spectrum to expand broadband.
And with a good broadband connection, you don't have to worry about data charges.
Imagine if the wireless carriers controlled your wired broadband connection or your television set.
The idea is to make gamers out of news junkies with broadband access.
Now the city is in the process of blanketing itself with a wireless broadband network.
Penalties would be stiffened, too, with persistent pirates losing their broadband connections.
Americans have generally expressed disappointment at the speed with which broadband connections have spread.
He also disagrees with the government over the future of broadband.
Six companies will be collapsed into three, each spanning mobile, fixed and broadband services.
And although wireless broadband connectivity is widespread, it can still be patchy and unreliable.
As broadband speeds have increased, pirates have gone from downloading single songs to grabbing artists' entire catalogues.
But it is the third pillar-the proliferation of broadband connections-that has turbocharged it.
The only reason it had not worked the first time around, it was generally agreed, was a shortage of broadband connections.
Working from home should be easy: everyone has broadband.
Its infrastructure-from transportation to water and power to broadband-is wholly inadequate.
The improvements could reduce corporate network spending while boosting the actual speed of home broadband networks.
All you need is a laptop, a broadband connection and a great idea.
But now finally these broadband networks are fast enough that you can actually do it.
Broadband access is increasingly necessary for education, for health care, for basic safety.
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