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This part of the mountain was covered in very fragile, brittle lava.
This warmly spiced brittle also makes a crunchy garnish for a holiday pumpkin pie.
It is best to bake and assemble the confection shortly before it is to be served, so that the caramel will remain brittle.
These rigid, brittle people didn't start out that way.
The grass is brittle, stubby, overgrazed.
The thick, rich hot chocolate is especially intriguing with bizarre but wonderful flavors like peanut brittle and pepper.
The brittle-looking steering wheel had just enough "give" that it was pleasant to grip.
Current solar cells are largely made of silicon wafers, an expensive and brittle material.
The two dishes are prepared by layering ingredients and result in an array of brittle and delicate textures.
People who are bedridden for months at a time may develop brittle bones and become weak as their muscles wither with inactivity.
Her bones were so brittle that they crumbled when touched.
But all things that are made of concrete juices are brittle, and no way cohesive or tenacious.
Traditional concrete is brittle and is easily fractured during an earthquake or by overuse.
Tiny brittle bones, such as seahorses', usually break down before they can be buried under sediment and preserved as fossils.
He had come to study brittle stars, so named because their long arms break off easily.
To make a transducer by painstakingly micro-machining a brittle block of ceramic material can take many hours of work, though.
Unlike metals and plastics, though, they are brittle.
However, casein-based plastic of this sort is too brittle for general use.
And despite the appearance of political calm, these are brittle regimes.
Another is that unlike economies, political systems can be quite brittle.
Remove top sheet of parchment and immediately cut brittle into pieces with a heavy knife or pizza wheel.
Most tissues are supple, while the semiconductors and metals used in electronics are brittle and stiff.
The material currently used to make transparent electronics, indium tin oxide, is expensive and brittle.
At low temperatures, polymer chain mobility is reduced, making the material more brittle.
Marijuana peanut butter, lollipops, peanut brittle and espresso truffles.
The brittle lines, the constant bussing, the shop talk should have the ring of reality even for an out-of-towner.
Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease in which bones become brittle and prone to fracture.
But algorithms are often brittle and simple-minded, doggedly following their step-by-step formulas as if with blinders.
He's sharp and brittle, nervous and alert, and perhaps a bit of a psychopath.
The long bones of the arms and legs, although more brittle because of mineral losses, do not change length.
Don't use a condom that is brittle, sticky, or discolored.
Dry macular degeneration occurs when the blood vessels under the macula become thin and brittle.

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