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Example sentences for briskly

Serious pouches hung beneath his eyes as he shook hands briskly and positioned his lanky frame on a high-backed chair.
Rub the palms of your hands briskly together for a minute to warm them up.
She walks briskly across the tile floor of her office and riffles through a row of files.
And secondly, they help to keep the applications running smoothly and briskly on relatively underpowered hardware.
There is much to enjoy and reflect upon in this carefully researched and briskly told account.
Mutter searches out all the applause lines and plugs in the latest tech buzzwords, briskly delivering an entire new speech.
He has moved briskly but has been careful to keep investors informed about the central bank's operations.
Trade has grown briskly and many types of protectionism have waned.
Remove skillet from heat, add remaining butter and stir briskly.
Maybe not, but it is selling briskly on its combination of standout styling, good mileage and high content at a reasonable price.
The alternately depressing and uplifting storyline moves along briskly to a surprisingly abrupt climax.
He is brazenly interested in pretty females, but more briskly and bravely interested in life.
He's a restless soul, briskly roaming the world in search of thin air before he gets too worn and cautious in late middle-age.
If the economy were growing briskly, it's unlikely that the health-care bill would have become so politically toxic.
Pour wine over roast and briskly simmer until reduced by half.
Now remove it immediately from the heat, pour it into a cold bowl, and stir it briskly a few times to dissipate some of the heat.
He walked ahead of me briskly, his feet splayed outward, trying to remember where he had parked his car.
For many trading strategies, however, there is a limit to the amount of money that can be moved around cheaply and briskly.
They are consequently too loose for a region that is recovering so briskly.
And as long as a book is selling briskly in hardcover, publishers tend to hold off on releasing a paperback edition.
They formed two circles and marched briskly, arms extended, in opposite directions.
He glanced at the screen and then briskly excused himself from the room.
Some of the prisoners stepped briskly out of the planes, smiling and pointing their thumbs up.
The puck still sells briskly, but the manufacturer allowed flaws in the stick, reducing sales.
Always hoist the flag briskly and lower it ceremoniously.
Using a piece of wool or silk, build up a static charge on a plastic comb by rubbing the fabric briskly across the comb.
Briskly dry off with a towel as soon as you come out of the water.
Briskly dry off with a towel as soon as you come out of the water, including the skin under the swimsuit.
Briskly dry off with a towel as soon as you come out of the water, including the area under swim suits.

Famous quotes containing the word briskly

The wind came briskly up this way, Crisping the brook beside the road; Then, pausing here, set down its loa... more
The sounds are: the brisk swish of broom on tatami matting, the raucous cawing of hooded crows in a nearby willow grove;... more
And set off briskly for so slow a thing, Still going every which way in the joints, though, So that it look... more
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