brioche in a sentence

Example sentences for brioche

If the weather's fine, munch your warm brioche at one of the tables on the pavement.
Top the meal off with chocolate brioche bread pudding with streusel crumbs and maple creme brulee over ice cream.
We sampled sticky buns, sugared brioche, and pop tarts.
It is juicy and full of flavor, made with loosely knit organic beef and served on a glossy brioche roll.
One evening, a special of halibut was served with a feathery brioche topping and intense, flavorful tomato water.
It was made with their own brioche and layered with caramel and pound upon pound of sweet-tart berries.
Ice cream is consistently good too, and for a local treat order it up in a fresh-baked brioche.
The whole thing is encased in a toasted brioche bun.
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