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After three months of renovation, the two moved in, bringing furnishings and art from their previous residence.
Pyracantha is beautiful as an espalier, bringing lush greenery and seasonal color to a blank wall or fence.
The falling ice stirs the bay waters, bringing nutrients to the surface that the gulls dive to devour.
Before bringing a potted tree indoors, water it thoroughly and hose off the foliage.
But ever increasing security regulations, luggage restrictions and local laws can make bringing food complicated.
Pack a camera with a good zoom and/or quality lenses, and consider bringing an extra in case of malfunction or loss.
The article chronicled the near impossibility of bringing a recipe to fruition in a conventional kitchen.
Thank you so much for bringing us the wonder of our planet.
Most of the people are excited about the items that they are bringing in.
Someone had the idea of bringing in a zydeco band, townspeople showed up to dance and the breakfast took on a life of its own.
These ions then organize electron flows throughout the cell, bringing power to wherever it is needed.
Because there are so many crabs, they often kick up each other's nests, bringing the eggs to the surface.
We are doing our part in bringing the awareness of cervical cancer to the general public.
We're going to start bringing more order to the app world.
By bringing back lost genes, scientists can see what they do.
We are you, and our cause is a shared one of bringing opportunity to future generations.
The supporters of online learning are simply bringing me around to their way of thinking.
If not, they can always import that experience by bringing in guest speakers or studying relevant essays or video clips.
The latest wave of immigrants settling around this famed harbor is bringing with it a particularly tough educational challenge.
They could also spend more of their salary budgets on younger faculty, bringing some fresh blood into the community.
Our students are bringing home regional and national academic championships.
The church bristles at discussion of such things, quite often to the extent of bringing in its lawyers.
During the cycle the prices of the consoles fall, bringing in more buyers.
QE works in part by bringing down long-term interest rates, but the more you do, the less the incremental effect is likely to be.
Bringing new ideas to market requires convening power.
The aim was partly to show that the authorities were steadily bringing the crippled reactors under control.
Statistics apart, it is also clear that many of these grandparents did not do a good job of bringing up their own children.
However small the protesters' number, they end up bringing traffic to a halt all around the city's main thoroughfare.
Bringing extinct species back to life is no longer considered science fiction.
Be careful bringing your camera inside a warm house or cabin from the cold outdoors.
New research is bringing these incredible possibilities closer to reality.
Being prepared for travel in changeable climates doesn't have to mean bringing twice the gear.
Avoid bringing new hiking boots unless you have time to break them in beforehand.
See how scientists are bringing them back from the brink of extinction.
Her work has been important in bringing the need for conservation to millions of people.
Suddenly, a fast-moving thunderstorm approaches, bringing gusty winds and large raindrops.
As the world's population continues to grow, rice production will follow, bringing more climate-warming methane with it.
Your eyes dart around, bringing different objects into view.
None of this has anything to do with torturing or murdering chimpanzees, or bringing them into captivity from the wild.
In the meantime the best bet is to avoid bringing bed bugs home in the first place.
Successful innovation depends in part on bringing together goods and services in useful, unanticipated combinations.
Therefore, these companies are likely to be the leading manufacturers in bringing this new technology to the market.
Congratulations for bringing together the dose levels to which people are exposed to in a telling graphic.
We're bringing you an additional selection here of worthy stills and videos that we're sure will fascinate and amaze.
As you read this, your eyes are rapidly flicking from left to right in small hops, bringing each word sequentially into focus.
Gather enough estimates and the wild guesses cancel each other out, bringing you closer to the answer.
If you want to have a reasoned discussion try bringing some real evidence to the table instead of name calling.
One group goes on bringing children to birth, hoping that they will be born dead or die.
For this exposure of supernatural agents upon a stage is truly bringing in a candle to expose their own delusiveness.
Let us cease bringing unwanted children into the world to suffer a while, add to our burdens and die.
Adding grated cheese to the crust tweaks the tradition, thus bringing an iconic dessert full circle.
Please forward to the guests you are bringing if they are not included on this email.
Bringing the sandwiches back home became a ritual-as much a part of local life as going out for ice cream.
Unfortunately, a recipe that is bringing fame-and cash in the till-can't be patented.
For the first time, someone is bringing back its beauty.
But with the money comes social anxieties about what bringing in a big outside company will mean for a town.
You're bringing an informed aesthetic point of view to a visual problem.
Talented people are going it alone and bringing their designs directly to market.
Bringing our deficits down to zero is neither desirable nor feasible.
Bringing high-performance software to mobile devices.
Medical apps are bringing health care to your mobile phone.
It also addresses the challenges in bringing the battery to market.
Researchers around the world are trying to revolutionize refrigeration by bringing magnets into the cold.
Bank is now bringing attention to yet another problem: radiation.
The added heat changes wind patterns, bringing more rain to the western tropics.
If we're awake, bringing up old memories makes them unstable, until they can set again.
Hybrid vehicles, which do not plug in but also use both gas and electric engines, are bringing the technology mainstream.
It stepped slowly into the muddy water and struck it a few times, the last time bringing up a killifish.
He points out that humans, through global warming, are subtly bringing about a new phase of evolution.
Intensive agriculture and land development is bringing humans closer to animal pathogens.
They mapped the full dinosaur ecology-bringing in specialists from other disciplines.
These pictures of knowns and unknowns remove a barrier, bringing the subject near to the viewer, sometimes uncomfortably so.
For us, agents function as first-round readers, pulling talent out of their slush piles and bringing it to our attention.
Miller does a wonderful job of shaping the material and bringing together the people to realize it.
It would generate substantial revenues while bringing so many long-run economic and environmental benefits.
The belief that a process of globalization is underway which is bringing about a fundamental change in human affairs is not new.
Bringing a railway line into a large town or city was a monumental challenge.
She was bringing dead things to life, both herself and the objects that came her way.
But he influences a lot of people so his bringing it up is interesting.
He can imitate a waiter bringing all his favorite foods, and he has a sly sense of verbal humor.
By bringing human rights home, domestic courts give them a concreteness and immediacy that is critical to their effectiveness.
After the first few years she stopped bringing a maid with her.
Shades of pink and warm tones look light and fresh while bringing out your tan.

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