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Winter hustling shoulder and heft: salt lick, brine spring.
Brine your chicken using a solution of salt, sugar, and seasonings.
As the salt leaches the water from the fish, they sit in a self-created brine, then are hung up to dry.
Engineers flushed the domes with water to dissolve the salt, then pumped out the brine to create a nicely sealed cavern.
Ten hours of salt-brine and two hours of smoking over beechwood is all they need.
For instance, brine is the term for salt solutions used in curing or pickling preservation processes.
Salt rich water, or brine, could meet the requirements at the near-surface environment of the crater walls.
Soaking the loin in a salt and sugar brine greatly reduces the chances of dry pork.
As salt is dissolved and brine is removed from the formation, the cavity grows in size.
As you've no doubt figured by now, brine is wet by its nature.
What reaches the sea is more-or-less pristine brine.
Desalinization is energy intensive and produces an extremely concentrated brine byproduct with detrimental environmental effects.
The brine also attracts the delicate, not the bitter, flavors of smoldering wood chips.
Pin bay leaves to onion halves with cloves and add them to brine.
Vaughn, we'd still be keeping our cod boats in brine.
Here we've used an amber-ale brine for a tangy echo to a sweet onion marmalade topping.
Pour in enough of the brine to cover the vegetables.
Pour the resulting brine over the chard stems so that they're submerged, employing a strainer to catch out all the loose bits.
Place pork in a container or strong sealable bag and add this brine to completely cover.
Add tuna, anchovies and caper brine to the mixture, then beat to incorporate.
Nowadays, cooks still brine turkeys, or have someone else do it for them.
For the electrolyte, he used filter paper soaked in brine.
It came from behind, tossing her into a deep trough then lifting her stern-first over a mountain of foamy brine.
Then it's shucked-the neck, that tough grey muscle that covers the siphons, is removed-and kept in a mild brine for shipping.
They can't believe someone would cook or smoke or brine a brisket any other way.
Then expect your brisket to brine for up to six or seven days.
Blowouts routinely rained sulfur and brine onto the houses, into the cisterns, over the trees.
The company has also pledged to keep brine concentrations below toxic levels.
Miners pump brine from the lakes up into evaporation ponds on the surface.
What happens is that the brine, which is a good electrical conductor, goes through chemical decomposition.
Now only a pool of salty brine, unfit to drink, remains.
Another puzzle is what to do with the salty water, or brine, created as part of the desalination process.
Desalination inevitably leaves behind a concentrated brine, which can harm the environment and even the water supply itself.
Of their fish some they dry in the sun and eat them without cooking, others they eat cured in brine.
In addition to water use, there's the problem of what to do with the brine and chemicals left over afterwards.
As it soaks, the meat absorbs the brine and then retains it during cooking.
The shallow lake swarms with brine flies in the summer and is not the best place to go swimming.
Put pork belly in a large sealable bag, then pour in brine.
Pickling is another area of canning where proportions-in this case, of the brine-are all-important.
The firm buys fresh fruit in brine and docs its own processing in order to control the quality.
The ambient smell of brine and garlic fades, supplanted by a subtler, more herbaceous aroma.

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