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If you fill a cup to its brim eventually a single drop will cause it to overflow.
If you wear it straight with the brim forward, up or down, it's more of a clean-cut look.
Hook and loop tabs allows sides of brim to be flipped up as the weather changes.
Dead leaves drift on the green, cloudy water that's nearly to the brim of the six-million-gallon open concrete reservoir.
Effect is that of a sombrero with a drooping brim add to my plant list.
And governments can't simply fill reservoirs to the brim.
Effect is that of a sombrero with a drooping brim more add to my plant list enlarge.
One of these hats has the crown covered with brick red velvet and the brim with cloth of the same color.
If our local grocery wasn't stocked to the brim with factory farmed food.
The brim represents the days of big losses or gains.
The statistics brim with horrible figures, all unreliable and misleading.
Pristine waters brim with tuna and dolphins in hot pursuit of clouds of fish.
Flying in coach is tough enough these days with airlines cutting back on services and with planes packed to the brim.
Overnight, the nation's business heroes have become villains: the newspapers brim with tales of wicked bosses and wronged workers.
The large brim provides plenty of sun protection, the top part is made of a light weight fabric and adjustable at the back.
Not to be outdone, the forested valleys below brim in season with wildflowers and abundant wildlife.
The oceans brim with millions of different sea creatures.
Many of the city's newspapers and magazines brim with political and intellectual debate.
These hats are available in every possible combination of crown height, brim width and size.
Not with aces up your sleeve or in your hat brim could you achieve a more thoroughly stacked deck.
Sophisticated details fill this garden to the brim.
Ice is filler that costs nothing, so fill it to the brim with ice, you get less drink.
Her soft brown eyes, under the brim of the straw hat, belie determination but also a touch of fatigue.
But now the entire neighborhood seemed to brim with an exaggerated presence.
And life's enchanted cup but sparkles near the brim.
He referred to my old-country habit of raising the hat in salutation instead of merely nodding or touching the brim.
The heavens are crammed full to the brim with romance and poetry, names and allusions that are beautiful and worth remembering.
Pack a hat with a brim to protect your face from the sun.
Banning baseball caps during tests was obvious students were writing the answers under the brim.
Include a hat with a brim and appropriate cover-up if staying at a resort.
Bring a hat with a large brim and sunscreen to help prevent sunburn.
Five or six years ago, a few highly visible heads began appearing in structured hats with a flattish crown and a short brim.
Width of brim should be chosen to suit shape of face and physical appearance.
The brim is typically covered with silver or beadwork.
The important parts of a cowboy hat are the brim, crown, and crease.

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