briefs in a sentence

Example sentences for briefs

These juniors have surplus briefs handed to them by their seniors.
To my knowledge they have not filed any legal briefs there.
Resources include fact sheets, news briefs, and emergency response guidelines.
There were many friend of court briefs in the case, citing studies this way and that.
Case undid the button on his slacks and dropped them, and his briefs, to his ankles.
Seventy-eight other briefs-more than in any previous case-were filed by a wide variety of concerned groups.
Military leaders had been among the authors of briefs filed with the court in support of affirmative action.
Also creates communication for product rollouts, info briefs, and reports.
Her backup position was that she believed if she wrote unreadable briefs she would have a better chance of winning the case.
Anticipation in the legal community was no less fevered, with dozens of parties filing briefs on both sides.

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