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With a fork, dip each piece of fish into beer batter, then lift out and let drain briefly.
Return to pan and simmer briefly with a pinch of sugar, salt, and pepper.
Briefly knead dough with dough hook or on a lightly floured board to expel air.
Lift out, let cool briefly, then pull off and discard skin.
Or roll the scapes in olive oil, then throw them onto the barbecue grill briefly.
Memory for the order of briefly presented numerals in humans as a function of practice.
He briefly joined a club team, but the level of play was so primitive he soon lost interest and turned to coaching swimming.
Ten years later he was briefly ousted from power, only to return in triumph less than two days later.
The book sketches briefly the activities of many people who have found ways to improve the lives of others.
He briefly gave me to understand that on that point my judgment was sound.
Many laws regulate variation, some few of which can be dimly seen, and will hereafter be briefly discussed.
But, of the subtle beauty of its style, it is not easy to speak thus briefly.
To serve both intentions, the way would be briefly thus.
Write as simply as possible and let your heart speak as truly and as briefly as you can.
Other people appear to retreat, even if briefly, before they confront whatever it is they are facing.
In advance of the debate, students turn in a debate proposal in which they briefly state their arguments and their sources.
Feel free to quote briefly from your own posts or to refer to specific ideas from the readings we've studied so far.
Take notes as you are questioned and briefly outline your responses.
Briefly review where the expedition was going, and why.
Briefly describe why water is a source of conflict, according to these articles.
Briefly describe the differences among the four and provide examples.
Occasionally, other factors briefly influence global temperatures.
Briefly return to oven to toast almonds, then sprinkle with sugar and serve.
Below each city's name students should briefly note why they feel that city is important.
Using a map of the world, ask students to briefly describe places they have visited.
Two were captured briefly, while another two have only been photographed.
Briefly discuss what types of physical settings are more conducive to agricultural and urban development.
If they have already learned about plate tectonics, briefly review the concept.
In addition, students should briefly raise a hand each time each of the new words is read aloud.
We spoke softly to one another, and soon shook hands, our grey-plastered wrists held briefly above the water.
Briefly discuss the basics of wilderness designation.
Ask them to scroll down and look briefly at the eight different orders of sharks.
Soaking in the tub does hydrate the skin, but only briefly.
For millennia, humans have stared in wonder and awe as the moon's shadow briefly blocked out the sun.
Turns out the two elephants had briefly crossed paths years earlier.
The collisions can briefly create heavier particles.
He stops briefly, swings his head to scan me with his opposite eye, and practically poses for a quick portrait.
After briefly watching my computer screen, he began the task of installing the satellite dish on the roof.
More hints of a cosmic arrow come from studies of supernovae, stellar cataclysms that briefly outshine entire galaxies.
The first set of blast waves, a moving wall of highly compressed air that emanates from an explosion, knocked him out briefly.
Before a fight, many animals size up their opponents-however briefly.
Briefly the answer is that radiation is about a thousand times less hazardous than suggested by current safety standards.
One of those facts was briefly mentioned in the article: patents.
They might briefly reference one ape presentation or another, but will quickly move towards social grooming.
Some of the common techniques are briefly described below.
The article does briefly mention the disquieting fact that health insurers would rather pay for medication than therapy.
One driver stops briefly but then pulls back into traffic.
After pressing on the gas pedal for a second, he lets up briefly, and then presses back down again.
If one must tinker with hormone-replacement therapy, one may-briefly, in moderation.
It was a fashion of the day, and a part of those tendencies of thought already briefly indicated.
Moreover, the history of this crisis shows yields stabilizing briefly every time there's a new plan, and then resuming their rise.
Let's go through each of these lines briefly, because each tells a story.
Fantasy fiction lets us dwell, however briefly, in days of miracles and wonder.
At about the same time my normally office-bound job briefly required a significant amount of travel.
She goes there much less often and stays only briefly.
Briefly, this study revealed that substantial differences in body build exist between smokers and nonsmokers.
Pearl briefly considered becoming a ferry pilot for the military.
It had a giant spike, and then briefly dipped, but remained elevated for a while.
The females may stick around briefly, to snarl and show their teeth while the cubs also exit.
He scanned the sidewalks, shut his eyes briefly, and then turned and made his way back to her dorm.
Here, you only boil the rice briefly before combining it with the dried fruit and cooking it without water.
Pulse tomatoes with juice in a blender briefly to make a chunky purée.
If it splutters noisily, cool the pan off the heat briefly.
Let cooking liquid stand briefly, then skim fat from top.
Toast avocado leaf briefly over a gas flame or in dry skillet, then add to mole.
Transfer to paper towels to drain briefly, then transfer to a metal rack set on sheet pan in oven to keep warm.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain briefly.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain briefly, then keep warm in a shallow baking pan in oven.
Once dipped briefly in hot water, the brittle, dried wrappers become soft and translucent.
The frequency of brain waves spikes briefly as the patient is lulled into unconsciousness, and then it slows.
The article briefly mentions subatomic particles as a seed for cloud formation in an unrelated way for bubble chambers.
Briefly they triumphed, raising hopes among the impoverished local peasantry and gathering a group of supporters.
After briefly rising, a curtain of fear has descended.
And then in the next chapter he is briefly preoccupied by what he witnessed.
The doctors had hardly touched her, only briefly placing their hands on her swollen abdomen to gauge its tension.
They often held their ownership so briefly that one could scarcely believe the ink dry on the license.
Half an hour later, they were sent to sleep and half of them were briefly woken up with blue light every minute.
The group was briefly hamstrung by the database's being overloaded with activity.
The merger unleashes so much energy that it briefly outshines anything else in the universe.
Others were revealed when their gravity briefly magnified the light of a distant star, a process known as gravitational lensing.
It was but briefly mentioned by one of the people commenting, but diet plays a major factor in cancer.
The target would flash up briefly in a random location.
Not alcohol: that might take the edge off briefly, but the anxiety will return.
Once, years ago, they thought briefly about getting a divorce.
The pirates briefly left him unguarded on the bridge, and hurried the engineers down into the engine room to see what was wrong.
One of the first items that came up was a particularly grisly prop: a briefly glimpsed dead body.
It was possible, the officer said, that the victims had briefly survived the fall.
Briefly explain how you learned of or obtained the information contained in your report.
The cover letter is your best chance to clearly and briefly state why you should be chosen for the job.
Briefly describe the service area addressing whether it is rural or primarily rural in nature and includes some non-rural areas.

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