briefing in a sentence

Example sentences for briefing

However, none of this briefing will cover interpersonal relationships.
If it had, the student could have been referred to the detailed grading criteria briefing he received on day one.
The demonstration of the device at the press briefing made it look quite impressive, but playing is believing.
Briefing these satellite images of the sea to see how much it has changed.
You'll have a short briefing to review your safari itinerary.
During my pre-flight briefing, there had been no mention of bad weather.
Several notable scientists and mission managers will participate in the briefing.
The professional reporters will be able to enter a press briefing and interview the officials.
But what got my attention was the pre-flight briefing.
As though only a total outsider, or fool, or wise guy would apply such workaday logic to the briefing process.
Catch up with your favorite sports team or entertainer, or get a background briefing on a local politician.
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