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My students read several short supplemental readings over the course of the semester and write a brief response to them.
Don't fertilize them ― doing so shortens their already brief lifespan.
The role of money in politics will be the subject of another brief.
After a brief tour of the city, enjoy lunch in a local restaurant.
Although some of the brief personal stories are poignant, the underlying precepts are not new.
Keep your answers brief, concise and to the point.
The report in brief.
Our lives are very brief so we are unable to experience evolution.
Both a vision and mission statement need to be brief.
During our brief conversations, he has made cutting remarks about his fellow colleagues.
Yes, a thank you note for a screening interview need only be a brief couple of sentences.
Instructors can also add a brief note to a student's record on a given day.
If you feel compelled to make a polite response, keep it brief.
There are some good articles you can find and brief books that explain it.
Kindly provide all the details in brief for starting silkworm farming.
For one brief shining moment, she was at a loss for words.
Brief travel narratives and occasional reports from correspondents around the world.
His defense brief lands after the court of public opinion has ruled--in his favor.
The penalty is too severe, enforcement gets spotty, sentences are brief.
There is only a brief period when people are truly concerned.
But first a brief explanation of the secretive country's political culture is in order.
Nevertheless, undaunted but running out of space, we'll make this brief.
So freshly caught wild salmon is available legally for only a brief time each year.
At a brief glance, they may look similar, but the odds are they arent.
E-commerce websites have only a brief window of opportunity to win a customer's attention and money.
For example, even if traditional media focus on a story for a brief time, blog discussion can keep it in the public eye longer.
Probably, however, a brief statement of the contents and sources of the five books will be more to the purpose.
It concerns myself, and will therefore be as brief as possible.
After a brief space, the convulsion grew almost imperceptible, and finally subsided into the depths of his nature.
For the brief space that it lasted, it was a dark transfiguration.
Also be brief in order not to keep those behind waiting longer than necessary.
In brief, trust not in any who exalt you, but in those who humiliate you.
The ability to condense great thoughts into small words and brief sentences is an attribute of genius.
List the equipment, and provide a brief description of what it does and why it's necessary.
Have students write brief summaries explaining the patterns they see over time for each of these three locations.
For hundreds of years eyewitnesses have reported brief encounters with the golf ball- to tennis ball-size orbs of electricity.
Twitter is a social media service through which brief messages can be relayed to thousands at once.
Write a brief description of why the moment in the photo was memorable.
Brief overviews of journal contents and information on ordering.
The trips are brief-roughly two to three hours-to minimize radiation exposure.
The film incorporates brief moments of simple but memorable cinematographic magic.
Gives a brief history of mules and other pack animals in the military.
Musicians received brief instructions, rehearsed equally briefly, and then played for as long as felt right.
First, however, you'll get a bounce-back message that directs you to a brief video.
If you don't know what scrapple is, let this serve as a brief introduction.
My brief observation seemed to indicate that children were more likely to take turns than work together.
Almost all the major phyla appeared in one brief burst a half-billion years ago, and nothing as dramatic has happened since then.
The brief paralysis caused by the first sting gives the wasp the luxury of time to deliver a more precise sting to the head.
When they stop reproducing, your continued existence will be exceedingly brief.
Regulators exert pressure via the board, whose non-executive members must brief them after every board meeting.
Other experiments have been too brief to produce firm conclusions.
Indeed, having crushed a brief outpouring of monk-led protest two years ago, it looks as strong as ever.
Existing management would have been replaced after a brief transition period.
Two coastal patrol craft made a brief journey this summer-no match for any lurking foreign submarines.
Many make their money from flash sales-brief offers of steep discounts on products-that are advertised to registered members.
He retreated to this lovely spot to ponder his brief tenure of this page.
There was no public outcry over the unsavory killing, and they received brief sentences.
Most academic work pays him a brief homage, lists his work in the bibliography, and otherwise ignores him.
Scenes of childhood are played in brief microscopic clips that merge into dream and distorted recollection.
The judgment was announced in a brief unsigned opinion.
They aren't releasing a song that got stuck in their heads by letting out a discreet, brief warble.
Protesters and police have often negotiated brief truces to calm the situation.
The rally attracts more than its share of weekend warriors eager for a brief interlude of escapist revelry.

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