bridging in a sentence

Example sentences for bridging

It is no exaggeration to insist that our common future depends on bridging the gap between academe and the broader society.
Twitter is all about bridging cross-generational gaps.
True integration evolves from daily, tiny, bridging human moments.
For instance, the conductive plastic might function as an electric splice, bridging gaps caused by spinal injury.
Bridging this gap down to a fifth of a percentage point or so would be a sign that financial markets had returned to health.
Its fiscal malaise was too profound to be sorted out by a bridging loan.
In this case, policy makers must focus on bridging the gap between the two sides.
But they are confronting the firms with the challenges of bridging differences in culture, mentality and business practices.
Let's start by ditching the rhetoric, and start bridging the old divides.

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When its errands are noble and adequate, a steamboat bridging the Atlantic between Old and New England, and... more
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