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The current structure is the fifth bridge to stand on this site.
The college is an attempt to create an affordable bridge to a university education.
Surprisingly, though, a recently constructed bridge is often one of them.
Pylons consisting of twin concrete towers support the cable-stayed bridge.
The only museum in the world which details the rich history of the covered bridge.
It doesn't matter if there is a boat on the bridge or not as long as the boat is floating.
The bridge is not designed to carry heavy trucks filled with minerals.
They set up a temporary theatre under a bridge with bamboo sticks.
Playing bridge requires a huge amount of information gathering and of decision-making.
Napoleon's architects tried to make his wing bridge the styles of the other two.
To the uninitiated, the idea of bridge may conjure up images of retirees and idle afternoons.
Computer programs that bid and play bridge are improving, though still far behind their chess counterparts.
The size of the broad bridge of the nose between the eyes is the same.
And the miso butter on ours adds a remarkable savory bridge to the wine.
Few engineering projects have the scope, costs or risks involved in building a new bridge.
Ethanol's advocates say that such measures will bridge the gap between today's biofuel and those of the future.
Stroll the paths to a granite pagoda, over the bridge across the koi pond, and among the beautifully manicured shrubs.
Build a new bridge, and yes you employ some people for some amount of time until the bridge is done.
Imagine that there are two routes that take you to work: one a long wide freeway and the other a short, narrow bridge.
Perhaps the stubborn ants formed a bridge themselves to climb up to the sweetness.
The road leading to the south has been blocked because of the water on the bridge.
Total concentration at the bridge table results in a total lack of movement.
Earlier this year, a gleaming new pedestrian bridge near the old town was unveiled to much fanfare.
In principle, though you need a bridge to cross a river, after you cross you don't need the bridge.
One result of the computer revolution is that bridge players can compete from their homes with others who are far away.
Imagine you stick a pencil straight into the bridge of your nose between your eyes.
The habitats, tracks and bridge sets never had this problem.
Almost all bridge players are consistently ethical and moral at the card table.
From the bridge it gradually climbs an old logging-railroad bed up the west side of the river with many beautiful vistas.
The creaking bamboo bridge dangles high above the swirling river, swaying a little more with every step.
The government has tried to bridge this gap with tradable certificates.
Everyone has to pay hus own long distance charge for the call but there's no additional charge for the bridge.
They are at once familiar and alien, a bridge between his time and our own.
Without an air bridge to bring in arms and medicines and fly out spices and gold, the revolution was sunk.
She wins the argument, but is wrong about seeing victory bridge.
My interest combining the verbal and the visual formed the bridge to my career outside of academe.
It shows some guy jumping off a bridge and into water.
Their only route into town is a fixed span bridge over the river.
In eight minutes, coalition soldiers will storm across the bridge.
For instance, the antenna in a flexible silicone shell could be attached to a bridge.
Everyone must look about the same under the bridge because it is so dark down there.
The company claims that this is the first time that such devices have been used to bridge multiple locations.
As the bridge expands and contracts, it would stretch the antenna and change its frequency.
It's a word retailers coined to describe clothes priced to bridge the gap between expensive and moderate.
Or catch a street musician on your way to check out the whitewater action from a pedestrian bridge.
He was also rapidly getting out the materials and constructing the boats for a third bridge.
Demonstrated ability to align course work with pre-bridge and bridge career technical and career exploration course work.
It turned out to have been the bridge between my childhood play and adult work.
Slippery logs as long as ten yards bridge the many dips in the land.
The only solution is to build a new airport across the harbour, with a rail link to the city across a bridge.
The government should build a bridge when the benefits exceed the costs.
The subject is told he is on a bridge over the tracks.
It is similar to the structural failure a bridge can experience as vibrations increase.
Instead of collapsing, the bridge's girders patch up their own fractures.
New findings are helping to bridge this gap between prediction and observation.
What people fail to grasp is that hybrids are extremely important as a bridge technology.
Instead, they are built around a layer of corneal tissue extracted from a donor, which acts as a bridge to the recipient's tissue.
Currently, hybrids represent the transition or bridge between conventional combustion vehicles and electric vehicles.
Inventors need to bridge science and practical problem-solving skills.
When the bridge starts swaying, the pedestrians adapt to the movements, by stepping to and fro in sync.
It is accessible only by a slender bridge, at the foot of which there are signs warning drivers to beware of low-flying pelicans.
The guests arrived and after a bridge game, which they played for stakes, they retired.
The bridge of his nose was puffy and blue from his last bout, a few hours earlier.
He often slept in a squalid homeless shelter, if not under a bridge.
It can help build a bridge to a future when renewable energy comes of age.
Its skeletal frame resembles a construction crane or a bridge truss.
The plastic is bearing the weight of the water much as the taut cables of a suspension bridge bear the weight of a roadway.
But he sees flywheels as a bridge to cleaner energy sources.
Plus he broke the bridge on his molars the first night out while chewing up one of the lollipops he'd brought along for energy.
Lemon juice is essential when this sauce is used to dress salads, providing the perfect bridge between green and dressing.
After the national outcry, she decided to spend the funds allocated to the bridge for something else.
The car thuds over the compression plates of a bridge.
The ability to double-cross that bridge when they get to it.
Their platoon was sent in to hold the remaining bridge.
And above all, to be free means to find that cool place under the bridge, and remain there despite the current.
Thus he can serve as a bridge for us, conveying us through his own experiences into the realm of the unimaginable.
Agape claims it has been in the business of providing private bridge loans to commercial real estate companies and builders.

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