brick red in a sentence

Example sentences for brick red

Michelle opted for a true brick red, a hue that works on many skin tones.
The bedding is brick red or gold, and the accommodations are spacious.
Walls painted brick red alternate with real brick expanses.
It is an easily recognizable species, brick red in color with a flat coiled shell.
Their coloration varies from brick red to brown or light gray.
It is a large brick red complex of two attached buildings.
Carvers prize this durable yet relatively soft stone, which ranges in color from mottled pink to brick red.
Brick red spots and olive green blotches occur on its sides.
Their coloration varies from shades of gray or brown to brick red.
Usually made of reddish brown to brick red clay with a rough or only moderately smoothed surface.
Both the parking and bike alternative should be the color brick red or the approved equivalent.
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