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If there is a correlation, a guard opens the bag to see whether the brick is a chunk of explosive or a block of cheese.
Stacks of concrete block, brick and stone that depend on them always outlast them.
The reality, however, was a charmless room with a dated fireplace covered in brick and hand-painted drywall.
Inset stainless steel tiles on the fireplace echo and update the painted brick on the original fireplace.
Time and again researchers have obtained tantalizing preliminary results only to run up against a brick wall later.
Applying that to cell phones would produce the high function retro-Brick phone.
At best they had a brick building surrounding the entire facility not the reactor.
The driverless locomotive of our collective fate will charge on until it hits a brick wall.
If you don't have a dual flush toilet put a brick into the cistern to reduce capacity.
Well, there are brick and mortar universities, and then there are brick and mortar universities.
It's no longer news that brick-and-mortar bookstores, general or specialized, are endangered.
Doing so will void your device's warranty, and there's a possibility that you'll brick your device in the process.
Wow, your plagiarizers went to the brick-and-mortar library to do their plagiarizing.
The oldest brick buildings-the campus's core, its signature architecture-had cracked and weakened.
The place on the brick wall where the bronze plaque hung is now bare.
Claiming that the long-standing mud-brick structures are unsafe, officials clear space for high-rises.
The walls are simple mud brick with round towers at the corners, and there are a few basic rooms, cool in the mid-afternoon heat.
Otherwise it seemed to have only the usual problems of poor preservation of mud-brick.
While they were named for the variety that has a brick-red tail, there are some sub-species that don't have that tail color.
These products include cement board siding, stone and brick, and stand and seam metal roofing.
Even the crematorium with its brick chimney does not stand out in his memory.
Alluvial matter made in the form of a brick, and used for cleaning knives and polishing metals.
The bulls are in richly coloured enamel on baked brick.
They began to walk along a narrow brick sidewalk between the cracks of which tall weeds grew.
He taught the people to build their houses of brick or stone, which till then had been usually made of wood and mortar.
The merchants lived in comfortable brick or stone houses, and owned large warehouses and stores of every description.
The houses of the well-to-do were generally of brick, and those of the poorer people of wood.
It is rarely complete, and constantly tempts the imagination to flights in brick and dreams in lath and plaster.
There was no spring to open it, and if the mechanism became rusty it could be opened with a brick without serious damage.
They drove up to a low white shingled house, at the end of an old-fashioned brick walk bordered with flowers.
The streets of the little town were unpaved, with narrow brick sidewalks.
Perhaps the hod-carrier on the ladder has dropped a brick on his head.
Besides, the garden is protected by fence, screen and brick.
They were in cramped, almost airless brick compartments, being fired on from different directions.
We set out early, walking first along the river and then into the historic center of this gorgeous brick town.
One of the oldest brick theaters anywhere, it's still used for concerts today.
Notice how the brick-lined arcades match the train tunnel below.
The two-story brick dwelling, a national landmark by any measure, was dismantled and put in storage.
Because it repels water and withstands the elements, it will be a structure more permanent than brick or stone.
Among the shacks, though, rise three-storey brick structures with satellite dishes on their tin roofs.
The school and clinic apart, brick buildings are few.
The words she croaks in her thatch-roofed, mud-brick farmhouse are precious.
It is an early brick in a wall that can be expected to rise quickly this year.
The marble mansions of drug-dealers have mushroomed among the mud-brick houses.
The plant still stands but the celebrated mud-brick citadel was ruined in the quake.
Of the four layers, three have holes in the bottom which only let through a certain size of brick.
The generous keyboard makes for easy pecking, and the speakerphone automatically turns on when you open the brick for a call.
Once, when the cravings got the best of him, he tried to knock himself out by hitting his head against a brick wall.
The restaurant's interior decor includes bright yellow walls, exposed brick and white linen tablecloths.
The rustic interior includes painted white brick walls, framed mirrors and chalkboard menus.
The restaurant's setting features dark red walls, candlelight, dark-wood furnishings and exposed brick.
There's a big, open brick room with few long communal tables laid in advance with mismatched silverware.
They wanted to re-create the bar on a more lavish scale, with exposed brick and antique fixtures.
The openings had been filled in with brick, and a few electrical wires ran through them.
The brick floor floats upward-some shiny nails are scattered across it-as his body rotates weightlessly above the ground.
Its brick walls were edged with red-upholstered banquettes.
The street's brick roadbed now pushes up through the asphalt in big patches, and nearly every other house is empty or for sale.
The shelter was in a nineteenth-century neighborhood, in a brick building on a cobbled street.
Through the bare woods, you can glimpse a whitewashed brick house with blue shutters, and an attending squad car.
We headed over to an anomalous low-slung brick structure at the far end of the ramshackle settlement.
If you are discontented with your place or your neighbors or if you are a rotten brick, you are no good to the wall.
Mud-brick towers tilt crazily on a vast, sunbaked mound, amid the crumbled debris of antiquity.
The still is mounted in red brick against one wall, with a big old hammered-copper pail set under the spigot.
But even here our good intentions seem to have run into the brick wall of human nature.
Shattered brick structures and concrete foundations protrude from the forest floor.
The one-story red-brick clubhouse fronts onto a well-tended, mostly flat course carved out of the woods.
It was only four days previous that he made his eye blue from a mismanagement with a brick wall.
There were brick kilns and charcoal racks and primitive sawmills.
Our projects tend to look outside the brick-and-mortar context and synthesize techniques and disciplines.
Todays soldiers are often forced to lug around brick-sized batteries to power their high-tech gear.
There's a brick work shed where tools are stored and the visiting archeologists sleep.
Outside his neat brick house, a rain gauge rises at the edge of a sloping driveway.
Around their bases, they built street upon twisted street of small mud-brick houses.
Model building must continue, because even if each model is only a brick, the house needs those bricks to ultimately be completed.
It would be more constructive to talk to a brick wall, since a brick wall will not talk back with infuriating nonsense.
But your are speaking to a brick wall where the felt-tip pens are concerned.
Relativistic missiles are even less maneuverable than a falling brick.
Certainly, the bricks make the building possible, but this does not mean that everything stems merely from brick composition.
Somehow the heat had welded them together into a gray, suppurating renal brick.
But there was no mistaking their origin, and they roared by the dwarfish mud-brick dwellings without looking to left or right.
It is one of those colossal white brick buildings with an ultramodern lobby of white marble and mirrors.
She wore berry-pink lipstick outlined with a brick-colored lip liner, and her frosted blond hair in a simple chin-length bob.
Someone threw a brick through her living-room window and stole her cell phone, but she escaped out the back door.
As in having the effect of a brick through the window, or a round of mortar fire.

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