bribery in a sentence

Example sentences for bribery

Sixteen people who are accused of paying for vouchers have been charged with bribery.
So the university instead turned to low-level bribery.
He charged ten people with bribery and defrauding the state.
Deconstruct the events leading to this tragedy and find out how bribery and corruption virtually guaranteed the disaster.
While other countries may make use of bribes, in no other country is government itself so hampered by formal, legal bribery.
Convincing customers to upgrade to your latest operating system is usually an exercise in marketing, education and bribery.
He did not specify any concrete proposals put forward at the meeting to curb bribery.
Others argue that bribery by leading business groups remains deeply rooted and that no president has had the courage to tackle it.
We were also at fault for letting police bribery as a natural thing.
Over the years, he has been tried more than a dozen times for fraud, false accounting or bribery.
She does not respond to bribery of any sort to be caught.
The problem is not simply one of embezzlement and bribery.
Elsewhere blackmail and bribery helped get more people out to vote.
The government could easily turn bribery into taxes.
Low pay and widespread corruption may make their border patrols prone to bribery.
They might also be more susceptible to bribery than those in high office.
In the course of his job, he discovered instances of bribery and corruption, including misappropriation of weapons.
It involves a little bit of bribery and a lot of blackmail.
He also wrote forthrightly on bribery and corruption.
Experts point out that ducking taxes is part of a broader culture of bribery and corruption that is deeply entrenched.
But prosecutors had been considering indicting him on bribery charges.
He was subsequently reported to have been detained in a wide-ranging bribery probe.
And the invigilators who police the actual exam are not always immune to bribery, either.
Courts may be slow, politicians meddlesome and bribery a problem.

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