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Denial is all about people who want more money and are able to bribe politicians to get it.
It learned that some subcontractors were trying to bribe their way onto the job site.
In their experience no one is likely to listen unless they are a relative, a friend, or amenable to a bribe.
These developers allegedly paid a bribe to local officials for use of the land.
If everyone refused to pay bribes then bribe demands would cease.
He later clarified that no minister had asked him for a bribe.
If an inspector caught her, she would give up the fish and a few dollars as a bribe.
Those who accept the government bribe are enriched and those who refuse will pay for the bribe.
First, that there has been a bribe of a data gatherer by a college official.
Detectives suspect many more get through with a few kilos and a bribe.
We then tried to bribe her with treats, which also worked for a short while.
Silvester had pleaded guilty not to accepting a bribe but to mail fraud.
They want a ticket to a job interview, and college is simply the bribe that must be paid before they get their tickets.
The restrictions were also widely flouted by those who could afford a fine or a bribe to pay for extra children.
Pro: the points will provide the bribe many of them seem to need to work practice problems.
Research shows that this is also not considered so much a bribe as it is a tip.
And people increasingly tell pollsters that they are fed up with having to bribe petty officials to get permits and licences.
Prospective candidates rack up big debts to bribe voters and political parties.

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