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Example sentences for breezy

Your phrasing, with its breezy imprecision, will have had exactly the opposite effect you intended.
Sounded upon the stairs and the floor of the breezy veranda.
He was indefatigable, breezy, and deliberately indiscreet.
But the breezy profile was plainly irrelevant that week.
Its size and breezy pace mean it's built for endurance and not stealth.
He speaks with the breezy self-importance of someone who is no longer contradicted, seemingly, by anyone.
But, here and there, the breezy tone more than verges on callousness.
Groovy white leather lounges, blue-lit bar, breezy beachside deck in cooler seasons.
Some breezy optimists point, for example, to a new interest among the public in the ancient world.
And underneath it all was a breezy, unthinking optimism, that prices could only ever go up.
But he wears his erudition lightly: his account of how the act came about is at once a thorough study and a breezy read.
He is breezy without being glib, and original without being eccentric.
He speaks with the breezy self-importance of someone who is no longer contradicted, seemingly, by anyone.
Those who stayed ended up enjoying a breezy ride on the freeways.
But it was a breezy, bemused account that had something my reporting lacked: perspective.
Then there are long evenings of cool, breezy walks and hot nights on the dance floor.
The beaches and rainforest are hot and humid, but the central valley and mountains are cool and breezy.
The area is known for its powder white beaches, aquamarine waters and breezy, laid-back atmosphere.
Bring lightweight pants, polo shirts, and a lightweight sweatshirt or sweater for sundown activities and breezy days.
But it doesn't have the light comedy and conventional structure of that breezy film.
Watering down a drink is usually frowned upon unless you're talking about the breezy, hot-weather beverages made with wine.

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