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It's remarkable what centuries of plant breeding can do.
Noisettes also have much of the same musk rose hybrid breeding.
The next good quality belonging to a gentleman, is good breeding.
It shall serve among wits of no higher breeding than thine.
His personal appearance had much to do with this, for he was of royal mould, and had an air of high breeding.
To know how to enter a drawing-room is supposed to be one of the supreme tests of good breeding.
Thanks to captive breeding, hundreds now live in the wild.
But every ounce of breeding plumes represented six dead adults, and each slain pair left behind three to five starving nestlings.
The mosquito has adapted to living alongside humans, happily breeding in human houses and water containers.
The colony in twilight near the end of the breeding season.
The success of a breeding season has always been a matter of timing, and that is never truer than now.
They captured every condor in the wild and established a captive-breeding program.
Breeding the highly endangered species is critical to the animals' conservation in the wild.
But odder still is the coyote's propensity for breeding with wolves.
Camille has some medical problems that make breeding her unadvisable.
Animal-breeding experiments have established that physical aggression is in part a variable, heritable trait.
The use of a lot of antibiotics in meat and dairy cows, for instance, is a result of breeding to reduce genetic diversity.
There is an awful lot of academic in-breeding and insular thinking.
In every single animal which humans have manipulated, they have improved learning ability via selective breeding.
What concerns me more is the fact that your partner seems to be treating you as breeding stock.
Not my fault if the rest of the country's busy breeding giants.
Politics is human activity, and the perfect breeding ground for exploring multiple disciplines.
They are breeding for faster and faster horses, which has resulted in horses with spindly legs.
Academe, however, is a breeding ground for such psychological and actual violence.
The reef fish-primarily snappers, grunts and parrotfish-lose their breeding habitat.
Today, emu ranchers say, breeding pairs can be bought for a few hundred dollars.
Only a small number of the farm's crocs are used for breeding.
Questions abound regarding the species's population dynamics and breeding habits.
Their study, for the first time, lifts the fog on the migration routes of albatrosses between breeding seasons.
Breeding: northern and subalpine conifers, particularly spruces and firs.
The pair argued that the breeding moratorium should be lifted.
These females guard the clan's social knowledge, which is essential for successful breeding.
The distinction between this procedure and conventional animal husbandry would be the use of a genetic copy as breeding stock.
By breeding hybrid flies for several generations, the group re-created such minimal hybrids.
Later, the species concept changed, specifying that two organisms should be capable of breeding.
Scientists have tried for decades to develop salt-tolerant crops through selective breeding but to no avail.
In addition, the green environmentalists hardly care about farm animal breeding.
Insecticides are currently used to control dengue, a practice which runs the risk of breeding insecticide-resistant bloodsuckers.
If such a strain existed, building tolerance would be a simple exercise in breeding.
Would be about time to start breeding with these frogs before they're gone forever.
She is taking part in a government-backed pilot project to improve breeding.
Cramming infirm people into one place creates the ideal breeding ground for disease.
The thick green mats of plants hamper fishermen, tangling their nets, clogging motors and destroying fish-breeding grounds.
Geraldine had the breeding, but she had little money.
And increasing production is as simple as breeding more animals.
Those in favour of plant modification often argue that the new techniques are really no different from traditional plant-breeding.
For that, researchers need to be able to do their own plant-breeding programmes.
The last thing to tell a headhunter is that you are considering a career change, such as organic farming or ostrich breeding.
About a third consisted of breeding animals for laboratory tests.
Cells from flakes of skin have grown into living, breeding mice, through a bit of biotechnological wizardry.
When the breeding season returns, both males and females typically have to recharge and regrow.
Instead, farmers will purchase cloned animals to serve as breeding stock for their entire herds.
The swamp was a breeding ground for malaria, and the disease was killing off the population.
It could, however, be used in breeding prize livestock or rare animals.
Meanwhile, the nation embarked on a program of breeding and planting resistant varieties of elm.
Patch of the pitcher plant used for breeding by the frog.
Tuna are easily caught, particularly when breeding adults school on spawning grounds.
The bane of this in-and-in breeding is felt in every large city.
The nutrient-rich excess of that process is used for breeding tilapia, a freshwater fish.
As a result, sows were taken out of the breeding herd and slaughtered for meat.
Traditional breeding will be needed to transfer the trait to the agricultural cotton species.
However, species categorization started long before breeding ability was taken into account.
The findings also give insight into the history of dog breeding.
They will have the ability to test tritium breeding blanket designs, and possibly fusion-fission hybrids.
With breeding, nuclear fission fuel reserves are enormous.
Through plant breeding, for example, biologists can hasten the process of plant adaptation to dryness.
Each autumn, penguins of a certain age waddle and belly-slide inland to ancestral breeding grounds, where ice is thick and safe.
Power pop is an ideal breeding ground for unsung heroes.
How long the shooting season goes on each year depends on federal regulations, based on summer counts in the breeding areas.
Other zoo people learned from their example, and as more and more wild- caught gorillas became available breeding in- creased.
The manipulation of observable genetic traits is the basis of selective breeding.
They were desalination, falconry, and camel breeding.
It may be objected that the outcome could have reflected selective breeding rather than family stability.
It creates the breeding conditions for crime, drug exploitation, and broken families.
Breeding two highly endangered animals or subspecies through conventional mating is a difficult and often futile undertaking.
Tactile arousal threshold of sleeping king penguins in a breeding colony.
Cloning a mammoth would be more spectacular than breeding one, but it entails an extra set of hurdles.
But the remaining kittens, three males and two females, represent the start of an ambitious breeding program.
They readily adapt to new environments and human suburb style settings are actually a huge breeding area for foxes.
Over the decade, banded birds were less successful in breeding.
Its rough, ratty-looking surface was a prime breeding ground for a clot.
Though not a scientist by training, she has spent years studying the genetics of pigeon breeding.
Note: it seems the term is also used in artificial breeding of same-species breeds or cultivars.
Species exploited by humans showed a general trend of evolving smaller body size and breeding at a younger age.
It is an expression of a society that puts less emphasis on breeding, formal education and even wealth than on presentation.
But conservationists are using other methods to encourage natural breeding.
Yet this film's familiarity ends by breeding affection rather than contempt.

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