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Humans have bred dogs to produce tremendous variety.
Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans.
Through genetic engineering, scientists have bred a mouse capable of running twice as far as other mice before exhaustion.
House cats bred to resemble toy tigers are the latest feline fancy.
Only a handful of animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans-but that hasn't kept us from trying.
Mink for dissection are purpose bred and were not collected from wild populations.
My dogs are specially bred for incontinence, copious shedding, and body odor.
In time, the power of authors birthed the idea of authority and bred a culture of expertise.
In fact, its thesis was that the discrediting of old ideologies had bred a hunger for new ones.
Hybrids have been bred for early ripening, high yield, and/or disease resistance.
Each generation has been selectively bred for tameness-fearlessness and nonaggression toward humans.
Genetic variants that should have been bred out could sometimes exert their empurpling effect in subsequent generations.
Some were bred in highly controlled research environments.
It was only the second time the duck-billed, web-foot mammal had been successfully bred in captivity.
It takes several years of cultivation until that new variety is bred thoroughly and can be grown predictably from tuber.
Beyond knowing what places need protection, conservationists now know where turtles bred in captivity can be released.
However, no one has yet tried to replace these with products from animals bred in captivity.
These horses were originally bred small so that they could work in coal mines.
Wendy- you ask if there is anyway elephants can be bred to be tuskless.
When the scientists bred mice to have the same mutation, the mice slept less and were more active than their regular rodent peers.
But the breakdown of the old categories has bred confusion.
Those that tried to feed were removed and bred separately.
Such differences will grow as strains are bred in captivity.
Heroic doctors and nurses labored day and night while piles of amputated limbs bred maggots in the sun.
Not only that, but you can herd ducks specifically bred to resemble apprehensive bowling pins.
The way the chimps were bred could also be a factor in their health.
They grow low, store plentiful water in their leaves, and are bred to withstand temperature and moisture extremes.
The offense in the writing is bred from social discomfort with the subject.
To find this link, researchers compared normal lab mice to those bred to have dysfunctional sleep-wake cycles.
When livestock are bred to make more cows that give more milk, for instance, that shrinks genetic diversity.
There is no saying what manner of movies will be bred by the economic slump.
Range cattle still have it, and could be bred into dairy herds.
Certainly none have ever bred more nuclear fuel than they used.
High school students wary of dissection may be in the clear, thanks to a newly bred see-through goldfish.
Most large, captive-bred carnivores die if returned to their natural habitat, a new study has found.
These animals have bred, and their populations have multiplied.
In the near future, it hopes to release captive-bred lynx into the wild.
Today humans have bred hundreds of different domestic dog breeds-some of which could never survive in the wild.
The proposed farm will trade adult rabbits for weaned rabbits bred in cages kept by the surrounding community.
But his weak health was symptomatic of the shrunken gene pool of the captive-bred tigers.
Nothing could be more ill-bred than to treat curtly any overture made in spontaneous friendliness.
They are bred on farms, secured by light chains, and fattened with the remains of the rice cooked for the family.
Space exploration has bred satellite technology, which has become an integral part of modern living.
Every single micro-organism has the potential to be modified or bred to be harmful.
Too much exposure to the ills bred in the human mind begets further unrest in the soul.
Most of the people in the service industry here are home bred.
The chickens that are bred for providing us with eggs are physically quite different from the chickens bred for their meat.
He appears to be a well-bred, well-educated bartender.
They're genetically bred to be so fat that they have to be artificially inseminated.
Yet they proved to be less well-bred than originally planned.
But zoos today are, more often than not, places where endangered species are bred in verdant and naturalistic enclosures.
But rising leverage eventually bred easy credit and overvalued homes.
But even in crops such as sugar cane and maize, which have been bred for their high yields, a lot of the plant is wasted.
The two industrial revolutions also bred new theories and new ideologies.
If you haven't bred children to take your place then make them.
If you hadn't noticed, the lockout has bred a pretty ugly brand of basketball.
The difference is that the bird has been bred and can't do anything differently.
They are bred to herd sheep indefatigably all day long.
The health of the population also calls into question the center's practice of reintroducing captive-bred pandas into the wild.
Mice are bred all the time in laboratories around the world.
Many talented tyros had been bred in the studio hothouse.

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