breathtaking in a sentence

Example sentences for breathtaking

Travelers can visit temples and churches so breathtaking they must have been built with divine inspiration.
Yet its defining feature remains its breathtaking setting.
Even with the construction work and scaffolding, the place was breathtaking.
His audacity is breathtaking, his imagination infectious, his humor as vicious as it is delectable.
The speed of dissemination is breathtaking: mangled to meme in less than two days.
The breathtaking realism of the landscape owed its fidelity to photography.
Wherever it comes from, this ad has a breathtaking cheesiness and badness that deserve notice.
We didn't see dancing structures since it was quite cloudy and probably too far away, but the view was breathtaking.
The breathtaking images that follow will both delight the public and allow astronomers to probe the universe's deepest mysteries.
The arrogance on both sides of the debate is frankly breathtaking.
Dividends are a trivial component of share prices, and the industry's growth prospects are breathtaking, not boring.
The scale of wealth destruction for shareholders has been breathtaking.
Some investors are backing the country's breathtaking beauty against all the inconvenience and bureaucracy.
It is a place of breathtaking scenery and virtually no zoning.
It truly has been breathtaking, especially over the past month.
There's no denying the breathtaking beauty of the view from the pedestrian walkway of the bridge.
Not only does the island nation provide a breathtaking place for nuptials, but it doubles as the ideal honeymoon spot.
It was a breathtaking act that left audience members in awe.
There have been streaks of breathtaking creativity followed by spells of bewildering frustration.
She was tired of being tagged in print exclusively as the star of a movie famed for its breathtaking awfulness.
One breathtaking central sequence is a breakthrough in expressive virtuosity.
Records were broken, climbers rose from the dead, and brutal indifference met head-on with breathtaking heroism.
These breathtaking structures are among the best preserved of their kind to be found anywhere in the world.
Browse through this captivating collection of breathtaking images of our world.
It combined the breathtaking greed of a few with irresponsibility all across the system.
The long views at sunrise or sunset can be breathtaking along with the up close views that come with more careful observation.
Perhaps no other part of the country can offer such a combination of breathtaking scenery with groundbreaking medicine.
Bonus is the breathtaking views that abound in and around the campground.
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