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Example sentences for breath

Other tests require forced inhalation or exhalation after a deep breath.
And rather than break from the light, it takes a brief pause for a deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
The hot and humid days make it even more difficult to breath.
If you dont like something stop wasting breath in complaining, just go do something else.
He's great because his work moves me, haunts me, it does weird things to my thoughts and heart and breath.
We are not out of breath, our hearts are not in the least tired.
Don't hold your breath.
She takes a breath and closes her mouth.
The contact took my breath away.
His book is a breath of fresh air on a subject crowded with crackpot theories and big-budget entertainment.
Take a deep breath and dive down into the world of blue whales.
But wait-it might be time to take a deep breath to let the excitement of the sales pitch fade.
The colors and surroundings colors are breath taking.
The only way up is to walk-over loose rock, past prickly brush and rattlesnakes-with frequent pauses to catch one's breath.
Of course, emperor penguins don't need scuba tanks-they are bird-world record holders at holding their breath underwater.
They then come to the surface to take one quick breath before diving back down.
They can hold their breath underwater for some eight minutes.
Hippos are graceful in water, good swimmers, and can hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes.
The old dormitory was so full and there was no fresh air to breath in.
Then, the vast, alien world of ice will take away what's left of your breath.
The lungs fight for breath, and the heart struggles to pump.
Trying to set records for deepest dive on one breath.
It's known to breath fire at uncooperative publishers.
Upon finishing it, readers may find that they have been holding their breath.
In training, soldiers were required to hold their breath for six seconds while the mask was being adjusted.
Consumers want to hear that you're a good steward of the environment almost in the same breath as health and wellness.
After her mourning she turned from a shy fifteen-year-old into the creature who caused the intake of breath.
She paused during songs to catch her breath and panted heavily in between.
He expects to do this for a year, take a deep breath and decide what to do next year.
He'd kneel down and feel the ground and we'd wait with bated breath to see if that was the day.
Of course, he hasn't played yet due to his thumb injury, so continue to hold your breath.
In singing the out breath is used primarily for making consonants.
Both of these vocalizations are reflexive in nature as is the operation of the voice and all of the breath.
But don't hold your breath waiting for animal spies to roam the world anytime soon.
E-readers are far from dead but many are certainly gasping for breath.
And if the twig came from an aromatic tree or shrub, all the better, because you got some breath freshener in the bargain.
At one point, he brought his lips so close to her shoulder that he could feel his breath bounce back off her skin.
The regime may catch its breath before it embarks on another round of shooting and clubbing.
He lets us hear the creak of oars and the scratch of pens, as well as the tubercular king fighting for every breath.
At the same time, technological innovation will barely pause for breath, and two big political changes loom.
Thank you for bringing him in, it's a breath of fresh air.
This, as with all ground breaking ideas, needs the space to breath before it gets shot down.
Pretty impressive figuring out that cancer cells emit distinct chemicals in our breath.
Squeezing the breath out of an animal takes a lot of energy.
Without a respirator, anyone entering the cave would fall unconscious after one breath and die within a few minutes.
Literally nothing: no rales, no breath sounds, nothing.
Swelling and contracting with each breath and pulsating in time to the beating heart, the healthy brain dances within the skull.
Yes, some good science indeed and a breath of fresh air for sci-fi.
As you may recall before he entered the open airlock he grimaced, closed his eyes tightly shut and held his breath.
In tension pneumothorax, however, air enters the pleural space with each breath and gets trapped there.
And he received enough morphine to ease his shortness of breath and to relieve him of that constant sense of drowning.
She slips it into the lock, takes a deep breath, and leads me into the greenhouse above the garage.
His hair is all over the place, and there is something about him out of costume that takes my breath away.
In spite of everything, she had been holding her breath and hoping that the agreement would be signed.
She closed her eyes, bowed her head, and took a deep breath.
Keep your objectives in mind, stay calm and take a deep breath.
It would be see-your-breath, try-to-feel-your-fingers weather.
It is thought to clear the reader's lungs of the transient and fill them with a deep breath of transcendence.
He would start to fast in prison and the nation would hold its breath till he agreed to suspend it.
These days, the two architects are often mentioned in the same breath.

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