breastplate in a sentence

Example sentences for breastplate

The iridescent breastplate of the blue bird of paradise glows among intact parrots.
To guard against this, a thick and well-stuffed doublet was worn underneath, under which was commonly added an iron breastplate.
Ledger's jousting lance breaks against his opponent's breastplate right on cue.
High points include extravagant hot pink or blue wigs, a blue plastic breastplate and a silver body suit.
Fitted over my shoulders was a triangular breastplate, with leafy designs in green and gold glitter.
He wears a shining breastplate and rather oddly shaped helmet, usually with plumes.
She also made a breastplate and necklace and is still adding pieces.
He comes before everyone tonight with a belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness and shield of faith.

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