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The first is routine space pursuits and the accidental breakup of objects in orbit.
He found that they gorged on seals in the spring and early summer, before breakup, then retreated to land as the ice melted.
Born in winter, they complete their growth in time for summer's ice breakup, when they go fishing for themselves.
And the ice shelf breakup wasn't the only geologic disturbance on the island that summer.
Scientists believe that the breakup and drift of continents influenced the evolution of advanced frogs.
In the other model, the burst was created by the breakup of a comet as it neared a lone neutron star.
Butler took the breakup badly, phoning her repeatedly and hinting at suicide.
It was impossible, he said, to have a breakup of the euro zone without also having a total meltdown of the global system.
They produced two babies and wrote a few confessional songs about each other before an acrimonious breakup.
It would be a lie to say that this record doesn't have breakup record aspects to it.
Once enough ice is gone, a breakup could occur if the sublimating ice builds up enough pressure to disrupt the structure.

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