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Experts say the breakthrough holds the promise of being a big step forward in digital storage with a wide range of potential uses.
He hopes the computer simulation will do that-but there's no guarantee that it will yield a breakthrough.
So even successful firms-and especially those riding high-ignore breakthrough innovations at their peril.
They recounted the breakthrough and offered prospects for vaccine, for therapy and for the epidemic.
But the apparent breakthrough had proved chimerical.
Ng has had a breakthrough that renewed his faith in his childhood dream.
But a sudden breakthrough could pose some tricky questions.
First breakthrough in applying spin-based electronics to silicon.
But the breakthrough that made them famous was the ability of computers to plot them in a way that is easy on the eye.
Peace talks have ground on for years, but a breakthrough is never made.
Not quite a scientific breakthrough yet, but a step in the right direction.
But its stated goal was the larger, strategic one of creating a breathing space in which a political breakthrough could occur.
The breakthrough will aid scientists in their mission to learn what sets us apart from other animals.
Mixing the bitter treat with milk was the popular breakthrough.
It's the security breakthrough every eighth grader has been waiting for.
Click through the gallery to learn how this new breakthrough works and tour the labs where the magic happens.
But at the time that was the best they could do and it was a huge breakthrough to be able to put a thousand songs in your pocket.
Ultimately, this technological breakthrough would usher in the age of exploration and of empire building.
But how to make a big breakthrough, well, that is equal parts chance and voodoo.
If no sensible explanation that's compatible with our current knowledge is found, then that's a breakthrough.
But the group has also made a breakthrough in the manufacturing process.
Getting to good economies of scale does not require a major technology breakthrough.
The breakthrough opened the floodgates on metathesis as an important process in synthetic chemistry.
We now have white whole wheat bread, now is the time for another rice breakthrough.
Although the answer seemed to appear out of nowhere, the mind was carefully preparing itself for the breakthrough.
Neither government, however, had done much to prepare its public for a breakthrough.
But there will also be a few breakthrough products that will tackle disease in fundamentally different ways.
When the objective is a technological breakthrough, clearly-defined prizes should work well.
The emerging world will undoubtedly make a growing contribution to breakthrough innovations.
However this is precisely why money should go to find disruptive and breakthrough technologies.
Measuring an athletes vital statistics is an amazing breakthrough in technology.
His truly breakthrough idea, however, was in the marketing.
Read the story to find out the complex science behind the incredible medical breakthrough.
Were he not familiar with the intricacies of organic chemistry, that breakthrough may never have happened.
While the diagnosis was a breakthrough, it didn't make it any easier.
Around this same time, the fashion world experienced another breakthrough: the digital camera.
Each marks a kind of breakthrough in vulgarity and unfairness.
Indeed, this overelaborate appendage seems a nostalgic bid to recapture the brashness of his breakthrough commission.
Short of a major breakthrough or crisis, the country's economic makeup is unlikely to change.
It's always an illusion that there's going to be the big breakthrough.
With these mathematical formulations he achieved the first great breakthrough in modern science.
It would also render all the more eerie the apparent absence of others who have made the same breakthrough.
One breakthrough finding was that conscientious children and conscientious adults stay healthier and live significantly longer.
His innovation wasn't technical, but it may prove more important than any individual breakthrough technology.
When breakthrough technologies come along, such firms must destroy the old to build the new.
Launch breakthrough technologies for advanced manufacturing.
Meyer followed her breakthrough with three sequels in the next three years, all of which became gigantic bestsellers.
The scientific bulletin of the year may be the stem-cell breakthrough.
The problem is no one should promise any breakthrough in battery technology.
GE's solid-oxide cell could be an energy breakthrough.
More-efficient yet cheap catalysts for the cathode would be a game-changing breakthrough, he says.
Once scientists find a way to get the antibodies inside the cells, then a real breakthrough can take place.
But the experts haven't yet learned how to treat the disease effectively, so the breakthrough is bittersweet for the two sisters.
In addition to stem cells' importance in basic research, they may make possible a host of breakthrough medical advances.
The genomics approach to identifying nematodes and bacteria is a major breakthrough.
After years of drug treatment punctuated by periodic breakthrough seizures, she underwent monitoring.
The breakthrough came when the economists factored in altruism and skepticism.
And if you get a breakthrough in quantum computing, then you're in a totally different world.
Even though it's expensive for now, this country really needed a breakthrough in this area.
His breakthrough realization of the relativity of time turned on a series of mental cartoons featuring trains and clocks.

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