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Light breaks down the chlorophyll in herbs and makes yellow spots that often turn white.
Bt breaks down quickly in sunlight, and several applications may be required to control an infestation.
He breaks the skin and leaves little red peck marks.
Nobody brings up my frequent breaks, and they all politely ignore my grunting.
Babies always made lactase, the enzyme that breaks down this sugar, but after weaning lactase production would stop.
When people avoid strangers-those outside the tribe-communication among tribes breaks down.
They are little more than a financial grab for tax breaks.
But, as much as it breaks my heart to have to tell you this, magic isn't behind the toy's quirky properties.
The time between commercial breaks in the last hour was unbearable.
Technically, the tile coating breaks smog down into a substance that washes away in the rain.
It totally breaks my heart hearing about the killings.
Bruises, red eyes, and research remind me that insomnia breaks down body and soul.
He proposed paying for the increases by eliminating tax breaks for oil companies.
So might free tablets for some low-income people or tax breaks for others.
If you're playing with a friend, see how far apart you can get before the balloon breaks.
The process breaks the manure's long hydrocarbon chains down into shorter ones.
Knee-straining steeps and breath-catching breaks alternate as if they were planned.
As the shadow rises, it breaks into a cloud of tautly ribbed sail, aflame in the tropical sun.
The team plans to go slowly and take breaks on a series of ledges inside the crater.
In the winter feeble sunlight breaks out for only an hour or two, if at all.
In some situations, conflict over resources breaks out into warfare.
Hazards include whizzing dust and space junk and extreme temperatures, which can cause structural breaks and cracks.
The coast is long, the breaks are numerous, and only a handful of surfers are there to engage them.
When day breaks, they take to the air in search of seafood, sometimes fishing in cooperative groups.
Three common species of lichens, the team has found, exude an enzyme that breaks down the prion.
In more remote areas, they may scan for breaks in the vegetation surrounding the structure.
During a particularly harsh winter, a polar bear breaks into one of the igloos and starts wandering through the empty complex.
We need breaks to quell stress, lower inhibiting hormone levels, clear out distractions and extend energy reserves.
As the article says, it is excess heat that breaks down oil molecules.
After entering the erythrocyte, the merozoite breaks down the cell's hemoglobin, feeding off the amino acids.
When this harmony breaks down, people often develop contradictory beliefs.
It is not that surprising that our decision making system breaks down when the human brain is confronted with too many options.
In various pathologies, this relationship breaks down.
When that large nucleus is unstable, it quickly breaks apart and releases energy.
The ceramic thereby breaks off, shortening the life of the engine blades.
In an anaerobic digester, a natural process breaks down the organic matter in manure, producing usable methane gas.
Or the government could restrict stimulus to tax breaks, or handing out money.
It is more likely to be seen by viewers, who often regard commercial breaks as opportunities to visit the fridge.
If so, politicians should be cautious about handing out tax breaks.
Most are lured by the island's investment in infrastructure and tax breaks.
Between them, these three have had more than half of the private investment mobilised by tax breaks.
To do this, some of the many tax breaks firms enjoy would need to be scrapped.
Tax breaks explain some of the kindness of strangers.
It breaks glucose down into molecules called pyruvate that are fed to the mitochondria for processing.
Fingerpointing breaks out among online vacation rental sites.
If you pull slowly on the bottom string, the top string breaks.
The demonstration of autonomous science breaks major ground.
There were narrow breaks in the walls that gave way to open dens, each containing a work in progress.
Their lyrics have unexpected line breaks and enjambment.
The missing years remain blank, and the sharp breaks between the sections are disconcerting.
Moreover, the protesters claim they tap a hidden groundswell of support, which sometimes breaks through the fear barrier.
Our political system pours money into war and tax breaks while relying on deficit finance.
If either connection breaks down, the electricity ceases to flow.
His tireless, tiring sentences feel potentially endless, and are presented without paragraph breaks.
He kept it in his desk and tried to read a little during lunch breaks.
It breaks my heart to see what's happening in this country.
But when you attempt to reconstruct it in words, you will find that it breaks into a thousand conflicting impressions.
On the laptop, his image breaks apart, and his voice burbles.
For example, they get tax breaks and don't have to pay royalties for using government land.
The solvent breaks down the bitumen, allowing it to be pumped out along with the propane, which can be reused.
The tape, which has been tested in mice, slowly breaks down inside the body without causing any irritation.
First, one type of microbe breaks the long hydrocarbon molecules found in coal into shorter molecules.
Lynd's team is also trying to increase ethanol yield in a thermophilic bacteria that breaks down cellulose.
Once the crisis is over, though, apathy breaks up this cohesion.
When the symmetry in this relationship breaks down, the result is superconductivity.
When something breaks separation such as agitation and mix with area with opposite charge, it combines faster.
What happens when the pressure builds up on the riser and bursts or breaks near the wellhead.
He clamps this into the metal vises of a stress tester, cuts the frame, and pulls the fiber from either end until it breaks.
Sometimes the network breaks into two or more pieces.
Different rest breaks permitted if pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement.
Agricultural workers get rest breaks and meal periods too.
There are no state or federal laws that require an employer to provide lunch breaks or rest periods for adult workers.
Those who suffer such breaks rarely recover their mobility.
Conventional wisdom says commercial breaks are bad for the viewer.
Tax breaks for the president's friends in the oil-and-gas industry increased by billions and billions of dollars.
Untidy life never breaks through the oppressive, overcast forebodings.
Ledger's jousting lance breaks against his opponent's breastplate right on cue.
Still, the jurors couldn't help but schmooze around the edges during breaks.
She becomes a vampire, and thereby they become social pariahs and their marriage breaks down.
Making the exercise of power contingent on payment by definition breaks the link.
She breaks into tears, overcome with the stress of months of deception.
When a fight breaks out in the stands, players come out of the dugout and crane their necks to watch.
During breaks he walks in the hall, seldom speaking to anyone.
For years she had modeled around the awkward mends of previous breaks-there was a grace to it.
And it is said that psychotic breaks-with their delusions and, in some cases, hallucinations-can be brought on by great stress.
But my gut tells me that the extra energy provided by extra-strong tides is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.
From green tea to farts, a smell expert breaks down the chemicals of odor.
In addition, the body breaks down and changes morphine, which complicates the task.
That's why an ocean wave approaching the shore rises and steepens so much that it often breaks.
Damage to the amygdala breaks the chain between seeing something scary and acting on it.
My macroscopic car is also an impressive feat of engineering, but it's no good if a crucial component breaks.
As bruises heal, the body breaks down spilled blood cells and their hemoglobin.
For example, it secretes an enzyme called invertase that breaks the sugar sucrose in half, forming glucose and fructose.
The spots may represent scar tissue or fluid-filled spaces that form when brain tissue breaks down following head trauma.
There will be no replacing equipment if it breaks or someone builds a better one.
Later that night, a fire breaks out in the physicist's room.
Then it gives a maximum-power twitch of all its body and tail muscles and breaks free.
But the knot has begun to untangle, thanks to two big breaks.
Hydrogen peroxide is so unstable that a slight coax from a silver catalyst breaks it down catastrophically into oxygen and steam.

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