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They believe the culture thrived for hundreds of years, breaking up into settlements and living off the fruitful land.
Wave breaking causes an increase in water level over the bars relative to the channel level.
If you're looking for breaking the monotony of your life, the only cure is to pack your bags and go.
Officials charged the riders with breach of peace, rather than breaking segregation laws.
Fill jars to within half an inch of top with boiling liquid, pouring it slowly to avoid breaking.
He's not breaking them up into small groups or having them make videos.
People have suggested that this is a good way of breaking up the tedium of reading.
And existing bricks-and-mortar colleges will benefit from breaking down barriers to access.
By the time someone has written a book about a breaking insight, its likely out of date.
Some of my favorite pictures of him are of him breaking up laughing.
The fact that a long-distance relationship isn't an option, but breaking up is, says that this guy might not be your soul-mate.
The study found that nearly all programs were either profitable or breaking even.
Cable news channels have become primarily live talk and live coverage of breaking-news events.
Flat out, they do not have the time to learn all of the ground breaking technologies.
The data was remarkable for breaking a few records, none of them good ones.
But it is also worth noting that the journal in which the results have been published is, itself, a ground-breaking idea.
Oilmen are worried because they believe that many of the factors behind the record-breaking ascent last year remain in place.
The few decent cops among them are seen as mould-breaking heroes and dissidents.
At room temperature it was actually liquid, and thus flowed when deformed, rather than breaking.
The third party's poll ratings may drop to record-breaking lows.
So proper feeding is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty.
He wanted to ask reporters accompanying the prime minister their thoughts on some breaking news.
We were making sure the dispersants were doing the job of breaking down the oil into a form that could be digested by microbes.
And we're stretching our supplies to the breaking point.
Nerve cells, also called neurons, get this energy by breaking down glucose in a long series of reactions.
The failure of the code-breaking attempts has raised the suspicion that there may not be any cipher to crack.
To record-breaking engineers could count floor and measure from bottom to top not from ground level.
Eventually osteoclastic activity wins out, and that is literally the breaking point.
These new batteries are perfect for truck and train regenerative breaking.
The toxin's breaking-and-entering strategy has not gone unnoticed by scientists seeking new ways to deliver vaccines into cells.
They also, apparently, are fond of breaking water pipes and bathrooms in their quest for hydration.
Thanks to fine volcanic ash, however, this spider was squashed without breaking up its delicate exoskeleton.
He had a knack for breaking things-bones and software alike.
Moving, stacking, and coordinating all those pallets takes a more than a few foot-tons of back-breaking work.
Unless removed, they'll remain in the sea for hundreds of years, breaking up into ever-smaller particles.
Read about the record-breaking year for the ozone hole.
It was a first for such a major breaking news story.
In each case a chimpanzee modified a branch by breaking off one or two ends and, frequently, using its teeth to sharpen the stick.
Each half of the stadium could move independently, riding the shifting crust without breaking a sweat.
From the beginning he has been breaking barriers and stepping outside the roles people make for him.
Tsunamis do not necessarily make their final approach to land as a series of giant breaking waves.
From the canyons below, a parrot flew squawking, breaking the trance.
Correction, no bus burned, but three cars dawn is breaking.
In practice, however, breaking the malaria cycle takes a lot of work.
If the current campaign's expired aspirers are breaking precedent by running, then the past might have little relevance.
Supercomputers are doing ground-breaking work that might not be possible without them.
He claims that during that time he started to think about breaking away from normal society.
Eventually the number of explosions will diminish, but by then spacecraft will be breaking up for another reason.
Of course, not every story published on a website should be expected to have the gravitas of a breaking news story.
Fallows takes note in his blog of a breaking development in the case.
There is an abrupt harmonic shift that has the effect of sun breaking through clouds.
Two sides, each side had four machines, big machines tearing it down and breaking it.
We shouldn't have to choose between one ground-breaking scientific mission and another.
Breaking down gender barriers will bring more energy and fresh perspectives into the world of science.
Dedicated lines are the key to record-breaking speeds.
At this level the is to reorganize the instructions to be more robust, without breaking the overall design.
This, as with all ground breaking ideas, needs the space to breath before it gets shot down.
We write poems about our daddies taking us fishing and breaking our hearts by making us throw the little fish back into the river.
No rival wants to be accused of breaking this streak.
Peer-matching in the city could be a first step toward breaking down the dependence of citizens on bureaucratic civic services.
Whoever has chosen to make an omelette cannot do so without breaking eggs.
The resulting show wasn't only bad-it was allegedly heart-breaking.
And now this state has broken down, and is breaking up.
Dozens of elephants are milling around in clusters that are constantly forming and breaking apart.

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