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Many dieters believe that eating a big breakfast will help prevent overeating at lunch and dinner.
Breakfast on the road can either be triste or transcendent.
She's early for her only interview, and she can justify the expense of one good breakfast.
High-fiber breakfast cereal is a good way to get both types of fiber content.
From shortly after breakfast until almost dinner, they sat around tables, drinking wine.
The corn flake makes its debut, not as a commercial breakfast cereal but as a dietary supplement.
He served these flakes to patients as a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.
And never, never, never drink before having breakfast.
Find others who are working third shift and once in a while, go out to breakfast with them.
It is used in pastry mixes, breakfast products and blueberry juices.
Locals' favorite gathering place for breakfast or lunch.
Using heat-rays on the enemy might look bad in the newspapers, and put civilians off their breakfast.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and the deceased to the breakfast table as delicious reprocessed protein food products.
Breakfast and lunch went through cafeteria lines to get served.
Or it can be a great breakfast with a lot of fruit and maybe pancakes someone brought in from home.
They take off in groups of three and fly to one of the local airports for breakfast.
The weather beating on the windows of the breakfast room strikes me as wonderfully horrifying.
Breakfast and lunch are accompanied by chilled guava juice from one of the cas trees.
It would make a great opera, or breakfast cereal commercial.
See and be seen at breakfast in the elegant garden courtyard.
Travel overnight, sleep overnight, show up for breakfast and go home the next night.
Give this breakfast staple a makeover with the addition of freshly toasted, aromatic hazelnuts.
She said, more forcefully this time, that she wants to go out to breakfast.
The same or similar combinations make an exceptional breakfast.
But the the question where milk comes from has the potential to reach beyond dairy farms and breakfast tables.
Along the way are five heated shelters, three of which can host overnight guests, and a bed and breakfast.
One of those many brilliant ideas to discard before breakfast.
In the morning, stewards deliver a continental breakfast.
In all my travels, a breakfast table on a family farm is about as warm and friendly a place as you can find.
Almost every morning they eat breakfast at a local restaurant, sometimes on the house.
One side of the red-accented island functions as a breakfast bar or buffet.
Bacteria transfer peaked during busy hours, occurring on average up to two times per hour during breakfast rushes.
It tells him his blood sugar is low and suggests eating breakfast, which he ignores.
The raid had clearly interrupted the workday-rice pots from breakfast were still on the stove.
After breakfast with the family, another wave of automated scripts kicks in.
He deftly shakes crickets-frog breakfast-from a plastic bag into dozens of tanks.
They flew into the spruces, crashed really, so no dove breakfast for the hawk.
Some brunch, he thought, when you have to make breakfast to tide you over till it starts.
Now the power of niche marketing is being brought to your breakfast table.
So iodine, which prevents goitre, is routinely added to salt and vitamins to breakfast cereals.
Seemingly half the city was up all night and ready to go the next morning, after a quick stop for breakfast tacos.
Tattooed former soldiers populate the breakfast rooms of reopened business hotels.
Forget those breakfast meetings in another part of town: your entire morning will be taken up getting there and back.
All along the street, water is gushing into blue plastic tanks and aluminium tubs, washing sticky breakfast dishes clean.
He is frugal, typically taking no breakfast but sipping tea throughout the day.
Refusing a tempting breakfast donut, in other words, will make it slightly harder to turn down an afternoon croissant.
Breakfast, included with your stay, is served in the café or delivered to your room.
Breakfast smoke rises from campfire villages deep in the woods.
We harvest them at first blush and put them up to ripen in our cool, dry guest bedroom, but breakfast is not included.
Breakfast was tea and fried biscuits, sometimes a piece of cheese.
Over breakfast he told me that he'd spent the previous six hours helping a cow to deliver its first calf.
Mama's face was flushed, and her hair escaped its bun to curl in damp tendrils as she dished up the breakfast plates.
The hotel has three restaurants for guests, and a complimentary breakfast comes with the accommodations.
Complimentary continental breakfast is served daily.
The rates include a full breakfast in the private dining room.
The hotel offers breakfast and is within walking distance of many shops and cafes.
Stay at hotels or motels that include breakfast with the room rate.
Only breakfast: coffee and a few breads and pastries.
He took breakfast alone and did not come home for lunch.
Whether it's a steaming bowl of grits or a stack of tender waffles, sometimes all you want is breakfast-even if it's past sunset.
Whether doused in thick spoonfuls of honey or piled high with creamy sausage gravy, biscuits make a wonderful breakfast main.
Southern is a spring breakfast of herring with its roe.
The vicinity is still agrarian, and breakfast eggs and fruit will have been delivered that morning by a local farmer.
It offers combinations of food and coffee as part of a new breakfast menu.
In a pinch, they do make a fine, quick breakfast or side dish.
Barley has many uses in soup and stews or is made into baked goods or breakfast porridge.
Whole pies and slices, breakfast treats and even some savory pies will be available.

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