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It's interesting that you are having a nervous breakdown, so to speak.
She went to the meeting because she felt she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
She wondered if this was a nervous breakdown, the genuine article.
In the nineteen-eighties, he drank himself into a nervous breakdown.
Pete nearly has a breakdown trying to decide, but finally settles on apple.
Maybe that's because the role arthropods play in the breakdown of a dinosaur body has only been relatively recently appreciated.
Once in the environment, it takes months to hundreds of years for plastic bags to breakdown.
Exposure to moisture, air and the elements enhance that breakdown.
Bile acids are components of bile produced during the breakdown of cholesterol in the liver.
There are myriad reasons for the breakdown, all of which might spark curiosity and intellectual energy.
Everything that is coming out suggests that there was a dreadful breakdown of services there.
The breakdown of program responsibilities along such clear gender stereotypes is shocking.
As such they are generally spared the more extreme manifestations of societal breakdown.
It's a confusion in categories that betrays a breakdown in logic which has confused issues of causation.
Social and family breakdown is high, offsetting the impact of high incomes and low unemployment.
His book would carry more weight if he had made a clearer link between family breakdown and social woes.
The report offers a breakdown of exercisers by state.
Still, the breakdown of the traditional order irks the former crime boss.
But far from promoting social harmony, the preoccupation with talent had produced social breakdown.
Once in operation, the machines run continuously, stopping only for maintenance and the occasional breakdown.
Here's a molecular breakdown of the winning formula so far.
If the family breaks down, well, government gets bigger because of the consequences of family breakdown.
Each site is listed on the right-hand side, and allows further breakdown of the site by script or language type.
The fear of a breakdown in communication perhaps comes from a misunderstanding of how multilingualism works.
Yet our levels of economic inequality and social breakdown have clearly worsened.
Runaway breakdown can create large amounts of high-energy electrons, as well as x-rays and gamma rays.
The same breakdown happens with the dispersant and the detergent.
Provided it does not breakdown it will remain permanently locked in the landfill, in the absence of water this must be the case.
The heating involved in algae breakdown also comes from fossil fuels.
The second real problem here is the almost complete breakdown in the peer review system.
The defect prevents the body from eliminating ammonia, a toxic breakdown product of protein metabolism.
The tang is the lactic acid that's been formed by the breakdown of the milk sugar, lactose.
Even more striking than the structural breakdown is the growing radicalization of the population.
Horrified, she has a breakdown, fleeing the family and leaving her children to debate what has gone wrong.
The movie has a keen, bitter sense of the sudden breakdown of preposterous illusions.
Its subject is the economic and social breakdown of a remote industrial region.
However, the biggest obstacle to making cellulosic ethanol commercially feasible is the breakdown of cellulose.
Unfortunately if this is the case, any one flaw will breakdown the whole structure.
Another advantage stems from the slower breakdown of beta-peptides in the body.
The researchers made another genetic mutation that interfered with the breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine.
So cycling it needlessly brings the inevitable breakdown closer.
The test results are given as a percentage breakdown.
Every week brings a new study about the breakdown of another component of the eco-system.
One of the well-known signs of scurvy is bleeding due to the breakdown of the walls of blood capillaries.
There is no other rational explanation for the breakdown.
The mice produced the same metabolites-breakdown products-that humans do.
Free radical molecules, by-products of the body's breakdown of food or environmental toxins, have a spare electron.
The art of each, in its way, reflected the breakdown of mechanical order and of the sense that space and time were absolutes.
They should also always provide a cost breakdown and idea of what power you will generate.
One of the breakdown products is chlorine, a highly reactive, electron-hungry atom.
The study also examined whether the breakdown could be prevented or reversed.
It's this organ, after all, that orchestrates the breakdown and distribution of fats and sugars from the diet.

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