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Example sentences for breakable

In these models, wood is typically removed from the handles, making them quite thin and easily breakable.
Are they easily transportable, are they breakable, how long is their lifetime period.
The advantage of quantum cryptography schemes is that the code they generate are simply not-even in theory-breakable.
The design faux pas continued with an included wired keyboard, optical mouse, and stereo speakers that feel equally breakable.
With ever-increasing computer power and advances in quantum computing, however, such methods may soon become breakable.
They're breakable, contain toxic material, and are becoming increasingly commonplace.
Because the tanks are breakable, teams must secure them carefully.
The problem: too many cutting-edge web pages have breakable connections to the underlying databases.
The bottom crust is softer than the top, but browned and still breakable.
These are important words, but they do not by any means mean that there is a high probability that the speed limit is breakable.
Actually, the best way to empirically test this sort of thing would be to use a dummy loaded with sensors and breakable ligaments.
And wrap breakable items, such as wine bottles, in towels for protection.
Decentralizing means that a lot of breakable hardware is not conveniently located.
Fasten the ornaments securely and where there are small children or pets, keep the breakable ornaments off the lower branches.
Of course, some barriers are more breakable than others.
Stationary paper targets or manufactured silhouette targets only, no bottles, cans or other breakable targets.
No food or drinks, with the exception of water in non-breakable containers, are allowed in the locker room areas.
Complicated packs are confusing to use and have more breakable parts.
Fresh flowers in non-breakable containers are always welcome at the cemetery.
Scalding water can lie underneath thin, breakable crusts.
Secure breakable or loose items inside boxes or bags.
Identify poisons, toxins and solvents in breakable containers on open shelves.
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