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They're about the only things that can break down dead bodies and take care of dung.
There is speculation that he was one of those people whose body couldn't break down alcohol.
There are a lot of things that can cause our sarcasm detectors to break down, scientists are finding.
Because this helps break down an abstract or difficult change into smaller steps that are easier to accomplish.
It will shadow a trapper and break down his door to devour him.
Tiny brittle bones, such as seahorses', usually break down before they can be buried under sediment and preserved as fossils.
While the creatures' specific biochemistries remain unclear, one microbe uses oxygen to break down methane.
Sufferers lack an enzyme needed to break down fatty substances in the brain and nerve cells.
Biodegradation occurs when bacteria or other microorganisms break down oil as part of their life cycle.
The familiar condiment helps to break down oil around turtle mouths and eyes so that it can be more easily removed.
If one member of the group were to break down, others could take its place.
Other nudibranchs rely on enzymes, rather than teeth, to break down prey.
They're less harmful to the environment and break down into nothing.
But in the third quatrain, abstraction begins to break down.
Buses were rare, unpredictable, and liable to break down.
For example, cancer develops because the mechanisms that normally keep our cell division in check break down.
But they break down slowly and persist for a long time in the environment.
Few moral imperatives make such sense on a large scale but break down so dramatically in the particular.
The pancreas secretes enzymes that break down foods into their basic building blocks.
At such extremes the known laws of physics break down.
Then--between the fourth and sixth month of pregnancy--the blood vessels in the placental tissue break down and bleeding begins.
And that's when the frenetic yet orderly routine of the emergency room began to break down.
Everyone knows that dead animals begin to rot and stink as bacteria break down their meat and give off toxic chemicals.
The ocean is home to many groups of bacteria that can break down the chemicals found in crude oil.
Has anyone seen a good cost break down for various photovoltaic technologies.
Currently fungi do exactly this, a vast number of species break down plant material in the wild.
Such an event can generate heat, which can cause the separator to break down further, resulting in more shorting and more heating.
Inside the tank on the right, fungi produce enzymes that can break down cellulose.
The polymer, which is the same material used in bio-absorbable sutures, should eventually break down and leave the body.
Lipase enzymes that break down triglycerides found in grease are also likely suspects.
Fungi break down minerals into forms plants can absorb.
Sure, it can keep up the frantic pace for a little while, but eventually it's going to break down in a fail of epic proportions.
It's a smart way to break down and organize file types.
Carbs break down into lactic acid in your muscles, which becomes lactate in the blood.
Current antidotes don't actually break down nerve agents.
Still, there never was a wall that nobody wanted to break down.
But even without human error the system can break down.
When all three are put in a beaker and mixed with distilled water, the peas' cellular structure starts to break down.
She clearly wants to try both at once, but that intention can break down under the stress of a crisis.
More to the point, they break down slowly in warm, salty conditions of the sort found in the body.
The coalition could break down before the five years expire.
Chips can be designed to break down at a certain date.
Social networks are being used to break down internal barriers in the corporate world too.
Sealed by knotting, it acts as a micro treatment plant to break down the excreta.
One use for such information is to forecast when machines will break down.
Their digestive enzymes ferment the beans and break down the proteins.
Though fear of a tidal wave of illegal immigrants is still pervasive, this decision could help to break down mental barriers.
They also break down rapidly, thus requiring regular re-treatment.
Odds are good, however, that once again the prevailing system will break down.
Both proteins and starches has long molecules that can be break down into pieces by heat making them digestible for humans.
Some enzymes break down complex substances into simpler ones.
If the supply of oxygen to the brain cells is inadequate, the neurons cannot break down glucose completely.
It conjectures not only that dark energy would freeze out but that relativity would break down altogether.
Typically microbes break down this material immediately.
These pigments take more time to break down than chlorophyll does, so you see them become visible in fall leaves.
Well, every car can break down and so does our brain.
The researchers calculated that such an amount of light would be enough to break down nitrite in the air.
Correlations, yes, but they break down when studied closely.
Both have yielded much experimental data which support the conclusions, and both break down.
As a result, the body cannot break down glycogen in the muscles.
The liver helps break down bilirubin so that it can be removed from the body in the stool.
People with galactosemia are unable to fully break down the simple sugar galactose.
Proteins break down food, ferry energy to the right places, and form scaffoldings that maintain cell health and structure.
The liver helps the body break down certain drugs that you buy over-the-counter or your health care provider prescribes for you.
The fibers in the tomato break down, and what is left is simply the robustly flavored flesh.
These substances break down into other substances, which leave your body through your urine.
If the red blood cells break down the blood vessels, their parts move freely in the bloodstream.
Such patients usually have functioned at a near-normal level until structural deficits in the brain break down.
Osmotic fragility is a test to detect whether red blood cells are more likely to break down.
Ketones are substances produced when fat cells break down in the blood.
The human body needs a number of amino acids to break down food.
The products produced when the muscles break down are released into your blood and eventually go through the kidneys.
Such questions are becoming common across the nation as water and sewer systems break down.
But it was grimly typical of her that what finally made her break down was the prospect of losing.
Enzymes in their digestive system break down the flesh of the fruit before the animals expel the bean.
Without being able to see you serve it is difficult to break down your serve.
The situation with student loans doesn't break down quite as neatly.
They are simply serviceable cars and trucks that probably won't break down.
Certain parts of the songs in this mode will break down to specific power chords and you've got to nail them in order to progress.
Some of these solids break down and are devoured by bacteria in the tank.

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