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They can figure out mazes, open jars, and break out of their aquariums in search of food.
If you stop talking then little conversations will break out, and then full-fledged laughter and debates.
And fickle weather conditions can create opportunities for disease to break out in unexpected places.
Time to break out of one's dream shell, and here's weather.
The solution has to be to break out of this and to put more nutrients back in the oceans.
We're coming up, threatening to break out of this trading range, finally.
In the case of a laptop flameout, the chemicals break out of their metal casing.
Canadians have been known to break out in tears if a foreign guest knows the name of their nation's capital city.
What caused the violence to break out and exactly how it happened has not yet been determined.
Instead, ask to see the desegregated test results that break out various student populations.
And that means the annual hunt for the perfect gift, a prospect that makes some of us break out in a cold sweat.
Her goal has been to mobilize them by urging them to break out of domestic isolation.
It makes him break out in hives and could cause more serious reactions if he's not careful.
Sometimes members break out into dance, which can invite stares from other tourists and locals.

Famous quotes containing the word break out

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