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Next week, we'll introduce our new video player, which is designed to better surface the full breadth .
He pointed to ad companies' own marketing materials as evidence of the depth and breadth of the information collected.
You've got the breadth of the stage before you and you're looking down and across at everything and everyone all at once.
Scholars will marvel at the breadth of the sources that have fattened this work.
The candidate has an impressive breadth of experience.
Another trait of good literature exemplified by the Bible is breadth.
The authors' breadth of knowledge is impressive.
The breadth and depth of recipes here is stunning.
This island is about ninety miles long, with a breadth of rather less than thirty.
The breadth of corruption laid out in these charges is staggering.
So across the breadth of mammals, there are many norms for hair length, or fur length.
Light is discontinuous across the entire breadth of the spectrum.
Even though specialization is the heart of graduate school, interviewers appreciate a breadth of concerns.
What the scientists gain in breadth is partially canceled out by the lack of control they have over the incoming information.
Barzun's breadth of erudition has been a byword among friends and colleagues for six decades.
Still, the scale and breadth of his success was pretty impressive.
And his books show that he has wrung from them every drop of insight and breadth of perspective they contained.
The average software company does not have the breadth and depth of people to be able to cover the subject matter.
By measuring how far they had to drag the tip to sever the wire, they were able to estimate the wire's breadth.
Quite what they're doing he didn't say, but the variety in that short list hints at the breadth of the opportunity.
It's up to the curators of these events to establish the depth and breadth of who the choose to include.
There are a few individuals making cranky software which is severely limited by its lack of breadth.
His sense of addressing a large and diverse audience added humor, breadth, and humanity to his previously minimal verse.
The paths leading to career success or failure, too, can lie a hair's breadth apart.
They are such eye candy, and of course their breadth and scale are magnificent.
These formulas were devised to calculate brain volume based on external measurements of skull height, breadth, and length.
The data set is not perfect, but it compensates for that in its size and breadth.
It is a survey, yet one not only of astounding breadth, but also of great depth.
Peer review sites should be judged on their depth, breadth and currency.
Leave your diet at home when you traverse the length and breadth of this country, which is famous for its fine dining.
He was the lone dissent as the court declined to hear a dispute over the law's breadth last term.
Small companies lose when they compete with a chain's breadth of products and marketing might.
The breadth of the problem is great, for the poet is representative.
He was also an artist of epic breadth and profound human sympathy.
Thirty-six pages of bibliographic references testify to the breadth of research that has gone into this work.
They have no rival in the depth and breadth of their data mining.
She redefined dance, with depth and artistry, and managed professional breadth.
Thus all these tiny scratches give us breadth and heft and depth.
It proves it can sell cars that sweep the breadth of the market, from budget to budget-busting.
Together they offer an accurate gauge of the breadth and sophistication of her art.
More shocking is the breadth of companies and the seniority of the individuals involved.
There are riots and protests the length and breadth of the land.
But the price of breadth is a lack of depth that may leave curious readers frustrated.
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