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In tropical climates, people often rely on starchy fruits such as plantains and breadfruit.
Other indigenous trees include the breadfruit, eucalyptus, and banyan.
Breadfruit: it's the miracle food of the future, but nobody wants to eat it.
Other items may be added to the imu, including breadfruit and sweet potatoes.
The towering breadfruit tree, which bear a fruit that can be ground into flour, is among the trees there.
The island's other main crops, banana and breadfruit, are less abundant or seasonal and outside supplies are far off.
They are depicted swimming, cooking breadfruit, laughing and dancing.
Everything from oranges to breadfruit, from soursops to cashew nuts flourish here.
Totally wiped out a coconut and breadfruit plantation.
Other staples include bananas, breadfruit, and coconuts.
The fruit bat feeds on a wide variety of plant material but primarily eats breadfruit, papaya, and figs.
She survived by grabbing and floating with a breadfruit tree.

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