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Since that time, doing research has been my daily bread and butter.
And to go with all the vegetable-centric dishes we've been dreaming up, we've gotta have good bread and butter.
It might create a panic too, but human chaos is their bread and butter.
Bees' bread and butter is flowers-there's no reason they should be able to distinguish human faces.
Pediatric neurosurgeons can't get away from this operation, because it's their bread and butter.
It is the one thing that they talk of, for it is their bread and butter.
As soon as the hymn was finished, the daughters of the house brought in tea and bread and butter.
My plays were bringing in enough for the bread and butter.
Before, the blogging and feature-writing were all leisure-time activities, and they're now my bread and butter.
Gravity wave astronomers suspect such events may turn out to be the bread and butter of their trade.
It is the bread and butter of cosmologically deep surveys.
Idols, those interchangeable performers, are the bread and butter of the music business.
The roll-aboard crowd is the bread and butter of the hotel industry.
The government wants to shift the political debate away from bread and butter issues.
Exchanges, for whom this sort of thing is bread and butter, spy an opportunity too.
Most lawyers have a myopic view of life, because problems are their bread and butter-and focus.
Few insurers have a good record of underwriting, supposedly their bread and butter.
Surgical-simulation devices are currently the bread and butter of many haptics companies.
Leveraged growth is, and should be, these countries' bread and butter.
But they are unlikely to become the economy's bread and butter any time soon.
Everybody has his bread and butter as well as shortcomings.
Statements of opinion, on the other hand, are the bread and butter of political expression.
They took away the business that was the bread and butter to video stores.
Rainbows are the bread and butter of this fishery, but brown trout and even brookies are sometimes stocked as well.
Blind sets are the bread and butter sets for a good mink trapper.

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