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Example sentences for brazen

She made brazen overtures to a man who never had a friend.
The compositions are aromatic, hinting at styles, brazen at times with large brassy melodies.
Some publicity stunts are so brazen you just can't ignore them.
It was that simple and brazen.
It's all very consistent when you add massive amounts of brazen selfishness.
So brazen was the theft that a squad of carabinieri was organized to specialize in chasing tomb robbers.
Thirty-five others were wounded in the brazen attack.
That's so brazen it's almost funny.
Now they cannot be quite so brazen, but it still goes on thanks to queen-bee-jelly treatment before admission.
Brazen, unabashed, flat out defense of the whopping profits this industry has been showing.
Rarely observed, this brazen feeding behavior originates with smell.
Historians have viewed her both as a brazen usurper and a gender-bending innovator.
The invaders were brazen enough to have erected and locked a gate across the road.
Ya they aren't the only ones doing it, but they have been pretty brazen about it of late.
But, even more brazen was the idea that negative health effects stemming from high cholesterol could be treated and reversed.
We've compiled a quick list of some of the more brazen spec gimmicks to be wary of this holiday season.
But in the kitchen she is as composed as her cooking is brazen.
The show is smart enough to test the waters of outrage but not brazen enough to take a genuine plunge.
Tells about the brazen activities of present-day pirates.
But over all it's pretty rare in comedy to see anyone addressing the form itself, or to be pretty brazen about being smart.
In today's climate of brazen greed and make-believe democracy, our leaders keep all the crumbs to themselves.
Officials can fulminate or brazen it out, arguing by turns that the material involved is trivial or deeply damaging.
The corruption in these bad old days was so brazen that the reader cannot help feeling a twinge of admiration.
But his confession, while brazen, is also redundant.
Each side seems to believe that there was a brazen attempt to steal the election four years ago.
The scam was brazen and fast, carried out in broad daylight.
Yes, employees are getting more and more brazen in their efforts to falsify employers' drug tests.
Some are brazen enough to offer a money-back guarantee.
They are quite brazen as they beg for peanuts and morsels from picnickers' and hikers' lunches.
Several tourists of various nationalities have been targeted along these routes in brazen daylight robberies.
These roaming thieves were well known for their brazen burglaries of our residents.
Instead, it was the enemy who first engaged the platoon in a brazen ambush.

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