brawn in a sentence

Example sentences for brawn

The role of the pusher is defined by strength, brawn and athleticism.
Rechargeable batteries are the brawn behind the brains of today's portable electronic devices.
Real-time data is, of course, useless without the brains to process it and the brawn to act on it.
Finally, the prehistoric tarpon is a test of finesse versus brawn.
If exporting brawn generally makes sense for a poor country, sending its better brains away may not.
Some of these wimpy squid males apparently try brains instead of brawn.
In all, the phone's few shortcomings are eclipsed by its processing brawn and fleetness of foot.
Brawn without brains can't accomplish much beyond wreaking glorious, mindless destruction.
They move from brains to brawn and it's not working.
The yachts require a degree of brawn as well as skillful tactics in getting around a course.
The gene mutation, they said, may amount to the beginning of the ancestral triumph of brain over brawn.
In so many motion pictures does brawn get the break over brain that it is indeed encouraging when the bookworm finally turns.
It requires more brain than brawn, more patience than aggression.
Genetic enhancement is possible for brains as well as brawn.
They shoot with cannons at sparrows, a lot of brawn and little brain, and lots of unnecessary cruelty.
With the industrial economies of the world making their way into the information age, brains are eclipsing manufacturing brawn.
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