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Example sentences for bravery

He said she had taught him honor, loyalty and bravery.
Even a little bravery on this subject would be welcome.
See villagers perform this daring feat as they literally risk their necks to secure harvest blessings and prove their bravery.
Back then, there was no one to witness either the misery or the bravery of this heroic band.
His enthusiasm, bravery and generous spirit affected all who knew him.
Characteristically, he never spoke of these years or his bravery in his letters.
Only brains and bravery saved all of them from becoming dinner.
Also, they have used it as a symbol of bravery and such on the coat of arms.
To the cowardice of the politicians in power and to the bravery of the participants involved.
Even official newspapers praised his tenacity and bravery.
These soldiers have such guts and bravery to do what they do.
Heroes are heroes twice, once in the moment of bravery and again because they're willing to get screwed over for it.
It's certainly not for lack of bravery on the part of the citizens.
What the streets lacked in strategy and organization, they made up for in bravery.
Again, bravery is easy from an armchair when you share none of the physical risk.
Without his bravery, the shot would never have happened.
Gibbon's writing sets a standard for literary bravery.
We feel the bravery of children as they consent to multiple invasive surgeries.
Not your pity, but your bravery lifts up those about you.
His bravery, his integrity, his patriotism and his service are worth your support.
He had even won a slew of medals for his well demonstrated bravery and dedication.
Bravery on the battlefield is not uncommon, but bravery to face up to and acknowledge uncomfortable truths is unique.
His bravery had little impact on the course of the fight.
Indeed, his bravery at that time was impressive by any standards.
He surely deserves to be commended for his intellectual bravery.
But this process require an unseen great vision, leadership and bravery.
The sense of bravery and resistance, matched with impending triumph, was palpable.
Genuine bravery for a writer is not about jousting with a pyramid scam gang.
Let's fight this disease with energy, bravery and grace.
Our civilians have represented our country with skill and bravery.
The award may be made in the areas of service, achievement or bravery.

Famous quotes containing the word bravery

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