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Example sentences for brave

Flight attendants brave the unfriendly skies.
It's up to brave firefighters to keep these fierce blazes under control.
It's cheaper to brave the pirate waters.
The bravest of the brave.
The rescue workers put on a brave face to the world.
The bold, the brave and the beautiful get too much attention.
It is a fine, brave, new world we are entering.
She is a brave woman who I admire greatly.
Once upon a time, a brave knight set out on a quest.
This ultimately chilling work will stay with the brave reader for days.
Some have this idea that a weapon gives them power or makes them more brave or worthy.
They brave the hardship, in large measure, to witness a spectacular sunrise.
The brave souls who study quantum mechanics talk blithely of alternate universes.
They painstakingly portrayed fair damsels and brave knights.
It depicts a flawed character who seems all the more brave and humane for his ambition and insecurity, virtue and fraud.
They bring to mind brave knights and princesses locked high in a tower.
They made a brave show of their mourning, their hatred unvoiced.
Minors spoilers ahead for those who didn't brave the bat lines this bat weekend.
And off-duty rafting guides brave roller-coaster rapids in locally made kayaks.
But it's the idealized image of the samurai as brave and noble warriors that has survived.
Brave the strong currents to reach the sheer reef walls of a cove hidden among rocky bluffs favored by cliff-diving locals.
He worries about growing up, looking brave, becoming an adult in the community.
Discuss whether they think they would have been brave enough to have taken these risks.
The brave dog, barking fiercely, caught up to the quick-moving attacker and chased the fox away.
Brave explorers willingly go on dangerous expeditions.
Within the past decades, drug companies have elevated the search to brave new heights.
Scientists brave the desert's hardships for a different reason.
One must be a brave writer indeed to write every word with solid truth.
We were able to increase our need-based aid, but that is hardly a brave or ultimate solution.
If the student is so brave as to access these answers then he or she never learned the material in the first place.
Preaching to the choir is not a notably brave thing to do.
Marines are the bravest of the brave or so their legend has it.
It's brave to write an essay on this topic, which inspires so much pontification and bloviation.
Or of brave space cowboys trying to knock them off course.
The headline and the article thus conspire to portray a brave little dog that tried to rescue human children.
Bring on the debunkers, if they are brave and foolish enough to try their foolish best.
As humans, we're inquisitive and optimistic and brave and cunning.
Some brave birds disregarded the novel intrusion and dived right into their feed within seconds.
Some people are genetically predisposed to being brave adventurers, inventors, artists and creators.
It might be brave, but supporting it for many would be foolhardy.
So brave v foolhardy seems to be where the balance needs to be sought.
Hence the value of a brave stab at measuring knowledge and skills, broadly defined.
So right now governments and gas companies are unusually brave over threats to cut off the gas.
For all the backslapping and brave words, they have once again failed.
In fact, it was rather brave and rather interesting.
We got the land of the free, but apparently the home of the brave was no longer available.
Even her enemies do not deny that she is brave as a lion and can be as dangerous to people in her path.
Bashing an elderly nun under an obscene label does not seem to be a particularly brave or stylish thing to do.
It is a case of two brave old marathon dancers, each holding the other up, with long days and nights of shuffling still to go.
There are only four other things you could do that are more brave and powerful.
If you are brave enough and are wearing the right pants, you might even tuck your trousers into your socks.
By your own definition, it's brave, what you did out there.
Now his state needs leaders brave and conscientious enough to touch them.

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