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Example sentences for bravado

With typical Hemingway bravado, he sipped champagne on the hotel's canal-side terrace while chuckling over his obituaries.
But his bravado was leavened by courage.
Her unique vision and bravado create a highly original novel.
In other words, it wasn't so much an act of kindness or even a power move as it was an act of bravado.
Hooking up home appliances is part geek bravado, part insider joke and part open-source hardware experiment.
There are many forms of male bravado.
She laughed with bravado.
War is far more a question of intelligence than bravado.
As a player, Jackson backed up his bravado, often with style.
He grew up in a world in which bravado and fists often resolved disputes.
Look, keep your vicious snotty snobberies and bravado if it comforts you.
Yet its bravado has colored the mail service ever since.
It was an amazing display of bravado from a species not generally perceived as being fierce.
During a fight, for example, false bravado may make a foe back down.
His voice is full of bravado, a stark contrast to his appearance.
But such bravado, especially if it proves more than rhetoric, is likely to be rare.
The confidence undoubtedly owed something to the bravado of some of the interviewees.
There is no denying his courage and bravado, nor does he make any attempt to do so.
The private-equity industry may be regaining some of its bravado but it has not gone back to its glory days.
Lately, however, his bravado has sounded increasingly misplaced.
Police blocked them peacefully after a few hundred yards, but their bravado drew attention far beyond the art world.
There are no freshman orientation weeks, no cohorts of newcomers banding together and covering their nervousness with bravado.
We might imagine that these people really know that they're deceiving themselves, and that their words are mere bravado.
Their hip-hop heavy playlists are short on soul-searching and heavy on bravado.
In the grand scheme of things, sneakiness trumps bravado in fantasy sports.
Yet there was more to his projection of insouciance than the bravado of madness or despair.
Even so, your bravado can be attractive to potential romantic partners.
She took the tough rasp of old blues shouters and made it her own by bringing out pain and tension to match the bravado.
It is a daunting and remarkable history of losing, yet there is an unfamiliar bravado brewing.
Skill practices and on-the-spot defensive driving techniques help change bravado to confidence.
Sometimes however, his bravado was not enough to keep him from crashing.
When ready access to guns is added to youthful bravado, the results can be deadly.

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