brattice in a sentence

Example sentences for brattice

Brattice hung in the cavity helped reduce methane concentrations without auxiliary ventilation.
He issued the citation because he observed the brattice line attached to the roof and the area was not supported.
However, brattice cloth was wrapped around the pick breaker.
The return air was pulled from the gallery behind a brattice and wood wall built along the right side of the entry.
In order to gain direct access to the face of the seal, three vertical sections were cut into the wooden form and brattice cloth.
The chain link and the brattice cloth barricade on the exhaust side of the full room is then secured.
Brattice cloth that was spaded to the roof above the belt take-up unit showed no fresh cuts or tears.
All brattice cloth and ventilation tubing shall be flame resistant.
The return air was directed behind a brattice-covered wood wall constructed along the right side of the entry to the outside.
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