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Example sentences for branding

Historically, this was a way to inventory swans in a manner that was similar to cow branding.
The two afternoon panels addressed different ways of putting together a tour and finding sponsorship and branding.
The university branding is different but the same concept.
So the university created a branding campaign that emphasizes its students' involvement in a zillion different activities.
More writers and producers are cutting branding deals before the movie is cast or the script is fully shaped.
Branding is one way of differentiating products and services.
They have thus been marked out as the true progenitors of the trade, which entailed such added cruelties as branding.
The first solution offered, branding, was simple and effective.
Packaging has improved slightly, but producers have no real idea about distribution or branding.
It's a trade school discipline with dishonest luxury branding.
Coffee growers earn more thanks to better branding and smarter co-operatives and a flower industry has opened up.
That's real distribution and branding power, but it has taken a long time to build.
Branding with a sustainable theme is becoming more common.
To reveal the effect of branding on preference, some of the cola samples were intentionally mislabeled.
The limited nature of the executive resource ties in with branding.
Prior to the re-branding of coffee, this aspect of price was largely invisible to the ordinary consumer.
The individual merits the fulcrum of fantasy, only it's the branding of fantasy.
Well, cartoonists aren't known for their branding abilities.
And there are moments when the branding impulse becomes distracting.
From a branding standpoint, there are two proprietary components to the new medallion: its shape and its typography.
And if children respond to anything these days, it's branding.
Sure, he had a blog and a book to peddle, but so do lots of people in this era of relentless self-branding.
Any reference to branding an entire community based on a small representation of them is wrong.
Trendy galleries focus more on branding their taste than on polyglot diversity.
It's also a media messaging strategy, a way of branding and identifying the revolution for the millions who were watching.
After that, each swallow or syllable brought a fresh spasm of agony, as if a branding iron were pressing on her throat.
Let's thank them for their contributions instead of branding them as unstable.
Each company would then be providing it's own branding and feature set.
So please, please stop engaging in things that are paramount to negative branding.
Designed to represent client's branding with logo and color options.
Branding is one of the oldest and best ways to permanently identify livestock.
Brucellosis vaccination, testing and branding requirements.
Branding livestock is an essential piece of work performed by ranchers and buckaroos.
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