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But he could not relay that message to the tribe for fear of being branded a traitor, or killed.
Wit which borders on profaneness deserves to be branded with folly.
Purists, however, have energetically denounced it and sometimes branded its presence as a sign of stylistic depravity.
Flour is branded under different names to suit manufacturer or dealer.
It would be not merely traced on the mind, but branded into it.
Coker has come up with a recipe for success called the branded viral movie predictor algorithm.
The point is, it doesn't matter how you identify yourself, you will be branded as you are perceived.
Gang members, branded by their skin art, are given a fresh start with laser surgery to remove previously permanent tattoos.
Time has branded them and fettered they are lodged in the room of the infinite possibilities they have ousted.
The space is branded somehow so that users know that this is the research help hub.
Not in the sense of being fired, but in the sense of being branded a loser forever if you stay.
The cap-and-trade system has been effectively branded as an energy tax by those who oppose it.
Big drug companies are struggling with a central plank of their business model: patent protection for branded drugs.
Fresh-faced attendants in branded red-and-white polo shirts leap eagerly to their task.
Everyone has a mobile phone, a few people have new cars, and early-evening courting is fuelled by branded beers and hot dogs.
These are then pieced together and branded by local companies.
He has been branded a traitor by his former comrades.
Viewers can enter sweepstakes, find nearby shops and play branded games.
It it opposes the plan, it will be branded as wanting to expose people to further health risks.
The firm is also launching a branded range of high-quality steaks.
To slap a branded ad on a piece of user-generated content in the site's early days, frankly, was a risky business proposition.
Understanding how those marketing campaigns began helps to explain why branded products are so ubiquitous today.
Most of these projects were branded content and were tailored for a specific client or purpose.
Branded as a reckless extremist, he now has only about a month left to work a drastic change in his reputation.
Friends and family members are warned to keep their distance, lest they too be branded counterrevolutionaries and punished.
He branded such catastrophism muzzy-headed voodoo science.
It's a shadow of suspicion cast upon anyone branded as such.
Acts of such mothers are branded as mental illness rather than plain cruelty.
Now stating that same opinion will get one branded as a kook or a shill for the tobacco industry.
Asking them seems to be enough to get you branded as anti science.
But now, with album sales plummeting, music companies are chasing juicier income from touring and branded goods.
Branded whipped butter has different principal users and is manufactured and packaged differently from stick butter.

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