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Normal cars convert kinetic energy of motion into heating of the brake pads when you stop.
The device also has a hand brake, for maneuvering around obstacles.
Once the system is installed, it will stop the car if both the brake pedal and accelerator pedal are depressed.
Some people think that brake dust means the brakes are wearing out too quickly and not functioning properly, which is false.
But the state already takes about a third of national income, and the unreformed tax system is a brake on economic growth.
But elephants use all four limbs to accelerate and brake.
It's a brake light that activates when you pull on a cable that runs from the lamp housing.
He said one possibility was software that would allow the brake to overrule the accelerator pedal.
It takes an average driver a fifth of a second to move his foot from accelerator to brake.
Squeezing actuators on the grips causes the car to brake.
The world recession may place a temporary brake on the trade.
Many of the bullet trains now brake at the first seismic tremor.
Coasting and downshifting seem to have magic consequences to the wear of brake pads and rotors.
Each car has twelve brake discs, with three attached to each axle.
It will surely want to see unemployment falling before it puts its foot on the brake.
Depending on the model, they may not use brake fluid, either.
The wireless brake consists of a transmitting hand grip and a motorized disk-brake caliper.
The engine restarts as the driver's foot leaves the brake but before it touches the gas pedal.
In turn, that may act as a brake on global economic growth.
Eventually, one of the train's staff noticed him and pulled the emergency brake.
Make sure to accelerate and brake a lot as you drive, which can lower your highway mileage by a third.
So it set up an innovation team in which battery specialists regularly talked to brake specialists.
And rapidly changing the position of the tentacles could even function as a kind of brake.
Many use dynamos to recover their energy of motion when they brake.
These measures acted as a strong brake on the housing market.
Soviet driving games did not offer gearshifts or brake pedals.
The gas, brake and clutch pedals not only look great, but have a satisfyingly weighty feel when pressed.
Current patent law is as much a brake on technology as an enabler.
The brake and gear cables snake along inside the frame's hollow shells, giving it an atomic-age sleekness.
As soon as the driver lifts his or her foot off the brake pedal, the engine restarts.
Building the tax base will also help to tackle corruption, which is a brake on development in many countries.
The only brake to the business was therefore morality.
These are the brake calipers, tucked completely out of the wind.
My response to flickered lights is to touch the brake ever so slightly.
The speed-brake handle was then pulled, deploying drag devices on the wings.
He had subjects sit in a driving simulator, complete with gas and brake pedals.
It can accelerate, brake, and overtake slower vehicles on its own.
Already, some cars can park themselves or brake automatically to avoid accidents.
Rudder pedals are located to the outside of the traditional brake and accelerator pedals used for driving.
If you go into the pre-safe brake system, you get a few beeps.
If you don't pay attention to the beeps, the car will brake automatically.
There are scenarios, however, in which technology may brake itself.
When driving a car, for example, many probabilities will be collated to make decisions such as whether or not to brake.
For the global digital economy, differences in privacy laws are a kind of trade barrier and a costly brake on innovation.
So far, this brake has been eased by strong gains in financial wealth.
When driving a car, for example, these many probabilities will be collated to make decisions such as whether or not to brake.
The worry is that condensation from a crankcase ventilation port could seep into the brake system vacuum port and freeze.
Lift off the brake pedal and the starter cranks the engine up.
If a car drives well, you can back off the throttle early and use less brake.
One case showed pedal entrapment and another showed that both the brake and the pedal were depressed.
Copper brake pads produce metal dust that environmental advocates say reaches waterways and harms aquatic life.
Beyond torn handlebar tape and brake hoods, it was virtually undamaged.
Brake and clutch parts must be wetted with water or amended water before taking any other action.
Periodically, the master cylinder should be checked to insure that the brake fluid is at the proper level.
Brake components must be constructed, installed and maintained to prevent excessive fading and grabbing.

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