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Example sentences for brainwashing

The public perceives this intellectual suppression, which is a form of attempted brainwashing and socialist inculcation.
Nor can its survival be ascribed simply to the effective brainwashing of the population.
It is not a gross exaggeration that the whole population are subject to brainwashing every day.
They seem to have operated with insufficient background brainwashing.
Doctors should determine if a patient needs medicine and procedures, not brainwashing with constant advertising.
Else be accused of brainwashing by limiting perspective.
But they might buy in a little bit to all this brainwashing.
She said that appellee accused her of brainwashing the children and that appellee left without the children.
We were essentially brainwashing ourselves into thinking that everyone was buying the books.
And one of the ways they do that is by isolating them and bombarding them with messages and, in a sense, brainwashing them.
Camp inmates are subjected to brainwashing, torture and forced labor.
The city had argued that the center allegedly was brainwashing and financially exploiting its members.

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