brainwash in a sentence

Example sentences for brainwash

Professors take advantage of this and teach lies to our kids in colleges and brainwash them.
And they have no right to try and brainwash the rest of us.
The government has become so good at brain washing future adults, that they getting children and teens to brainwash themselves.
He wants to brainwash you all some more into thinking his show is reality tv.
They explained to me what methods they use to brainwash you into their cults.
Apple had to brainwash half the population to make people buy them because they aren't actually useful.
First, they discharge us, then they send a guy in to brainwash us to sign back up.
These kids brainwash other kids to believe what they believe.

Famous quotes containing the word brainwash

The only chance for victory over the brainwash is the right of every man to have his ideas judged one at a ... more
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