brainstorming in a sentence

Example sentences for brainstorming

Have students place the topics they listed during the brainstorming session into these four topics.
Having an audience for practice presentations and brainstorming sessions is helpful as well.
But this requires a new and purposive round of brainstorming.
Her energy and ideas seemed boundless, whether she was working all night or brainstorming with colleagues on mountain hikes.
Brainstorming didn't unleash the potential of the group, but rather made each individual less creative.
Rush isn't content to leave off with the brainstorming session.
To offer the team members an opportunity to practice brainstorming.
The workshop was preceded by a brainstorming session three months earlier.
Through brainstorming, answer the questions within each category and record your responses on the tool provided.
There are many variations to brainstorming activities.
When you start a brainstorming session clearly state the objectives of the session to all participants.
Encouraging brainstorming, the teacher will list key thoughts to be placed in the article.
Two techniques that can be helpful as you do this are brainstorming and building on suggestions.
For four months, the students worked together using brainstorming techniques and collaborative reading and writing tasks.
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