brainstorm in a sentence

Example sentences for brainstorm

In this lesson, students brainstorm words and phrases that describe themselves.
Ask students to brainstorm some of the strategies that animals use when hunting.
Brainstorm some names of imaginary prehistoric creatures if they were discovered in your local area.
Graham will sit with the founders and brainstorm key points, writing them down on a whiteboard.
Ask them to brainstorm how the canyon was formed, and discuss their ideas.
Have them brainstorm some of the images or memories that immediately come to mind.
Then help them brainstorm ways that they and other people in the community can help keep the water supply safe and clean.
Have students brainstorm additional ways to reduce their oil use.
Then have students brainstorm some things in their community that might attract people.
Have pairs of students brainstorm a list of characteristics of marine ecosystems.
Brainstorm some research questions pertaining to your chosen species.
Ask students to brainstorm a list of stereotypes about people's perceptions of sharks.
Ask students to brainstorm additional questions they might have about paleontologists and their work.
Give each group five minutes to brainstorm answers to the related questions about the landscape and to record their ideas.
Have students brainstorm a list of push and pull factors.
Ask them to brainstorm about what they would need to do to prepare for such a journey.
Have students brainstorm different ways in which animals behave and interact with one another.
Brainstorm what type of living conditions might exist down there and write responses on the board.
Have students brainstorm locations and people first.
Have students brainstorm a list of reasons people might migrate.
Have students work with a partner to brainstorm what people need to survive on the planet.
Have students brainstorm characteristics of extreme weather on other planets.
Invite students to brainstorm about how mimicry could help an animal survive.
Have them form small groups and brainstorm about this question, writing down their ideas.
Have them brainstorm possible changes, either individually or in groups, and write down their ideas.
Ask them to brainstorm this question for a minute or two.
Or use the ride to brainstorm about a client you'll be meeting or to plan a future meeting.
But that was the intent of the session, to get a brainstorm of what needs to be done.
If you had bugged the office where this brainstorm took place, you probably would have heard cheers.
We started with engineers from all over the company meeting every couple of weeks to brainstorm.
Next, ask students to brainstorm their own pairings, focusing on items or ideas they can compare.
The bank, he says, is essentially widening the circle of people it can brainstorm with.
For each factor listed above, have the group brainstorm elements that could produce positive and negative effects.
Next, have each group brainstorm about their surrounding community and the types of wetlands they have in their area.
Team reviewed the brainstorm ideas around the implementation plans that were developed at the last meeting.
With your team brainstorm what types of weather hazards exist for our state.
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