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Example sentences for brainpower

But it isn't supposed to require any special talent, intelligence or brainpower.
Her abilities are limited because her total brainpower, compared to humans, is limited.
They suggest both are the result of natural selection for enhanced brainpower.
The pooled brainpower of this coterie produced a formidable engine of war.
We have become more efficient, you might say, at tapping our collective brainpower.
Silicon microprocessors provide the brainpower for today's computers and other electronic devices.
There hasn't been a whole lot of brainpower or innovation in the electric utility sector for the last several decades.
But brainpower is your primary weapon rather than quick reflexes.
The company's success is due to the deployment of lots of brainpower in a business generally seen as unexciting.
The brainpower on tap at the university itself is not always as useful.
They regard them as sources of economic growth and high-quality brainpower, both of which they desperately need.
They will need brainpower to match the muscles that they administer.
Companies everywhere, it seems, want to know the true value of their brainpower.
Because of ignorance or intemperance, lack of willpower or brainpower, people choose badly.
Because today's jobs are more demanding of brainpower, people seem less willing to spend time doing mundane tasks.
Indeed, some argue that emigration can help to add to the stock of brainpower.
Brainpower is only really effective and productive if accompanied by moral greatness, courage to do what is right.
People will contribute their brainpower, but only if they're given an enjoyable, time-killing experience in exchange.
They say elephants never forget, but their brainpower does not stop there.
Tree dwelling, for instance, may have required more brainpower to coordinate muscles and joints for life off the ground.
Well, evolution concerns itself only with differential survival, and brainpower may not be a crucial factor.
When kids exercise, they boost brainpower as well as brawn.
Where the money and brainpower will go in the next decade.
The brainpower that leaves the field doesn't come back in when the funding returns.
Not only can this help with fatigue and other symptoms of low oxygen, but it can actually boost brainpower and metabolism as well.
The additional brainpower, he claimed, is provided within each neuron.
Human courtship has always been a primitive business, one conducted less with brainpower than with gut feeling.
Nor was the howler diet of leaves up to the job of fueling the amount of brainpower necessary.
There's an intriguing new wrinkle in the debate over where people get their brainpower--and when.
We humans supposedly use only five percent of our brainpower.
Surely the scientific community would lower its costs if it pooled money, brainpower and technology in a group effort.
Teams have more brainpower at their disposal than ever.
The instructions encouraged me to use a search engine to augment my brainpower.
Each game has information on the latest brain research and a discussion on how the activity promotes brainpower.
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